My friend only cares about school!!!!!?

okay so every time i ask her of she wants to hang out with me and said no. She always says i have hw and study. When I ask her if she wants to play tennis she says no. She always plays tennis with her parents. This summer I found time to hang out with my friends because I have work 6/1-8/30 and hospital volunteering 6/4-10/1 and tutoring 5/29-8/30 also student orthodontic training 5/29-8/30 and i have tennis 8/12-9/25 also i have doctor apps. This summer all she has in a college math class 5/29-7/3, tennis 8/12-9/25. who is more busier me or her? She worries about grades, the only time she thinks is fun is tennis,hw and study,test,quizzes. So hates parties,amusement parks,hanging out.Everyday she asks me if I have hw and upcoming test or quizzes, when i say no she says how can do not have hw? How can u have no test or quizzes? She hates field trips. What should i do? Like today I asked her if she wants to go to dorney park this summer and she said no because she is scared of water parks and roller coaster and she scares of the dark and she hates surprises. I really want to spread time with her?


For ur information Roberto my dream is to be a orthodontist and I am working hard on it.

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    8 years ago
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    This could be a bunch of things. Let me go down the list of what I think this could be.

    She may a type of social anxiety. This is the fear of being around other people even close friends. What I would recommend is giving her a line of communication if she ever wants to talk. She may have something going on in her life or she may just want to be alone. Many people with social anxiety alienate themselves from their friends and keep to themselves or their family. I would recommend doing something to start off slow with like maybe going to the movies or just going shopping. This is a small event that shouldn't take too much time and it will bring her "out of her shell" a little bit. If she refuses something small, then she may just want to be alone and there is nothing left you can do until she decides she wants to hang out with people and friends. Most likely she will eventually come around but there is only so much you can do. You can be there for her always as her friend and be ready to spend time with her when she is ready. I think you should talk to her and see if she has anything else going on in her life that would make her want to withdraw from spending time with her friends. If she doesn't want to talk about it, let her know that you are there for her if she ever decides she wants to talk about it. Keep communication lines open if you really care about her. Try asking her if there's any other reasons why she doesn't want to hangout.

    She sounds pretty busy with school too, so that could be another possibility. I'm not sure if you have summer vacations like myself, but if so summer is just around the corner and you can ask her to hang out then. If she says no still, then she probably has social anxiety and again you can refer to my first paragraph above on how you may choose to deal with that. School can be VERY hard. You sound busy too with work and things like that, but she may only want to focus on school. If this is the case like I said before, maybe wait until a vacation to start to hang out with her and suggest doing it more often. You sound busy as well like I said, but she may deal with everything much differently than you do.

    Just know that there is only so much you can do as her friend. If you can't get through to her maybe she just doesn't want to hangout. You can only leave communication lines open to her and maybe you should find someone else to hang out with. I can tell you are a loyal and true friend, and hopefully she will come around. You can ask her what is going on in her life to start communicating and maybe go out for only a little while to start like I said before.

    Hope I helped!

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