Getting govt jobs out of state?

Is it hard to get local govt jobs like city/county/state out of state? I plan to move and narrowed downs my choices to Philly and Chicago, but I don't know if I will have problems applying from here, esp with govt jobs the hiring process taking longer. Also, IL seems to have fiscal issues, would that affect govt workers long term or I shouldn't be concerned about it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Pennsylvania state government generally requires its employees to live in state. I would think that applies to most state governments.

    Call to find out whether they will even consider an out-of-state applicant, and what the requirements are. For example, you may be expected to move to the state within so many days or weeks of hire. You may find you're at the bottom of the list when they choose candidates to interview - though if it's a Civil Service job, that goes by test score.

    PA often has fiscal issues just as IL does. When that happens:

    -- they often have hiring freezes on certain jobs or departments/ agencies, though they may continue to give Civil Service exams

    -- they may lay off state employees

    -- when it's time for a new state budget to be voted on and passed, they may delay, sometimes for months, and state employees may not be paid at all until the new budget is passed. I believe a law went into effect about this so that employees would continue to be paid, but I'm honestly not sure whether that was for PA or Federal government employees and under what circumstances.

    If applying from out of state is a problem, what you can do is arrange to use a valid PA (or IL) street address (NOT a post office box or UPS mailbox) as your mailing address. If you know someone in PA, perhaps you can arrange with them to use their address and phone number, and they can relay the mail and phone messages. If you don't, then pick a PA (or IL) craigslist (Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Erie, whichever part you plan to move to) and pay someone to do this for you.

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