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小琳 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

I have a dream 演講稿




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  • 7 years ago
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    On the top of my bucket list is to travel around the world.

    Yes, I want to fly and travel to infinity and beyond. To trek through African safari and share an elephant kill with a pride of lions. To swim in the ring of fire with sea turtles (and may be I will find Nemo one more time.)

    I also want to join the civil war in Syria to appreciate the cruelty of human kind. To work at the sweatshop in Bangladesh for a month to experience how the depressed struggles. I also don't mind to work in CERN in Switzerland to see how it feels to have a blackhole in me.

    I also want to travel to the center of the Milkyway to dance at the event horizon. Will jumping from 6 dimensional universe directly back to 3 tear me apart? Will Dr. Who come to my rescue?

    Man, let me travel or let me die...

    2013-05-25 21:16:58 補充:

    My final frontier will be the time and space continuum. I want to travel back into the future to see who my real parents are (and prove that OJ cannot kill) and also into the past to see when my daughter will be elected to be the president of USA.

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  • go123
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    7 years ago

    We all have obsession on something one way or the other. Some of us are obsessed with chasing celebrities. Most of us are obsessed on success. But what dominate my thought is none of the above.

    It's always my passion to see the world with my own eyes and I have to be there physically no matter where it is in Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Japan, or Canada,

    My obsession with the idea of traveling around the world has matured over the years. I remembered back in elementary school, when I saw the Giant Panda picture my father brought back from Tokyo Japan, I got so exited and could not sleep the whole night. In my little brain, at the time, it was not just the panda that fascinated me. I was most amazed about the idea of one could actually travel to other countries to see different things. Yes, I want to see them all when I grow up, I said to myself.

    Now, back to the reality, I have no money and no job. How am I going to fulfill my lifelong dream? Traveling will not be cheap, especially the extended travelling for more than one year. I know I need to have a good job and save a lot of money. So I say to myself, from now on, I will study hard and try to get into the major I will love. For my career target, a few years from now, is to land a good job and doing something I like. And I will save as much as I can. Most importantly, I know my dream will come true one day as long as I never give it up.

    2013-05-25 21:55:14 補充:

    obsesse - 痴迷

    dominate - 佔據

    fascinate - 著迷

    career target - 職業目標

    Source(s): Dream big and Go for it!, google
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