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麻煩英文高手幫我翻譯成英文了 感謝你

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  • 7 years ago
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    It is not until I look for the information about cosplay do I find that cosplay is much more interesting than I thought. For example, those engaging in cosplay will call each other ''coser'' if they do not know each other. But when they become friends, they would call each other ''their relative'', which means ''friends'' in Japanese.

    Doing cosplay is never an easy task. To portray as their favourite character, those engaging in cosplay would spend lots of efforts on improving the similarity of their costumes to the character, perfecting their makeup and getting the best shot of themselves. All these are done in a trial-and-error process and thus require much time to do so.

    After reading this article about cosplay, I understand cosplay better. In fact, you are doing cosplay as long as you are portraying as a fictional character - no matter it is from cartoons, anime, manga or movies. By the strictest definition, puppet shows are actually considered a kind of cosplay too.

    When I began reading this article, I only had skin deep understanding of cosplay. After that, I searched for more about it on the Internet and realized that the scope of cosplay is very wide. This article does really open the door of cosplay for me.

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