MLS soccer????????????????

So I hear a lot about mls growing but yet the average attendence for games is quite similar to years and years before. I know that's not the only factor things like TV deals, better quality players and new stadiums are factors to what do u think? Do most Americans know about mls?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes, most Americans of all ages know about the MLS. But as I do not care about, or attend baseball games, many are isolated from the game. Attendance is growing in most of the venues. The other factors,are also very important. But the single MOST IMPORTANT factor is the aging of America!

    The USA did not start playing the game on a large scale basis until,the mode 1980s. So few adults over thirty ever played the game! As the youth mature, get jobs, and have both the money and income to support the game, the growth will increase! Each year, soccer playing/ loving players get closer to those key issues. When they become adults, and have soccer playing kids.... Where do,you think they will go? To the baseball game or the MLS game?


  • 7 years ago

    San Jose Earth Quakes!!

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