what to expect for a beginners tap class?

I'm gunna be starting a tap class soon. and I'm really excited!! But I'm really nervous because I've never tapped before..so I'm wondering what the first class would be like. Can I wear normal work out clothes? Because it's not like ballet where your wearing a leo right? Should I change into my tap shoes their? Or have them on as soon as I walk in the door? What should I expect? Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi, First tap class is always exciting, and it may be really easy and you pick it up real fast or it takes some time but either way don't get frustrated just stay relaxed and the clothes really depends on your dance studio, some studios are more chill where you can wear normal work out/dance clothes and some are more strict to what you wear. I would suggest asking you dance teacher what would be appropriate to wear. And I always suggest putting your tap shoes on when you get there, because you don't want to ruin your tap shoes by wearing them out and on the dirt/grass/gravel.

    and there are many videos on youtube that show basic/beginner tap dancing, so if you go look up Beginner tap dancing on youtube you should find many things to help.

    Here are some sites with good tips on them about tap dancing.




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    I take ballet. there's a great style of categories of ballet. yet all ballet instructions in lots of circumstances commence out on the bar the place you carry out a little exercising. then you extremely progression to the middle and carry out a little stretches. And next you carry out a little stuff on the middle sorta like the bar yet with out it. finally you bypass to the corner and carry out a little exercising around the room. nicely, a minimum of that's what all the instructions that i've got taken completed. don't be afraid and perhaps basically perhaps, lol , they might flow you right into a young person type. teen instructions are problematic inspite of the undeniable fact that!!

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