How do you get a career job with the United States Postal Service?

Hi, I have been searching job openings with the USPS but every job I see is Part Time with little or no benefits. Does anyone know how to get a "career position" job with the USPS? Has anyone started off PT as a carrier assistant and then been able to get a full time position? Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    Carrier Assistant is a newly-created position. It replaces the Part-Time Flexible position that was part time in name only, not in hours worked. It was a career position, you remained on the roster as a PTF with no bidding rights but earning credit toward retirement and receiving benefits regular carriers got except holiday pay (you were paid a higher hourly rate to compensate). As soon as openings in the regular workforce opened, you 'made regular' and could start bidding on assignments - (you also got paid for holidays but took a pay cut).

    That's pretty much gone. We've been told that the new CCA position has a 'path to a career position' but nobody knows yet how that is supposed to work.

    The CCAs we have are working full time hours. I haven't had a chance to talk with one to find out what benefits they have.

    The only way I see CCAs moving to career positions is when Congress gets off its *** and fixes what it broke re: the forced pre-funding burden no private sector company or any other government agency pays, and resolves once and for all the Saturday delivery issue. Once those things are done, USPS will know exactly what its staffing needs will be, and there will be new career positions. No point in creating a career position that really isn't if you have to turn around and lay some of them off because you hired too many. So for now, it's all non-career workers being added.

    Source(s): Letter carrier 34 years
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