Should I give West Point another shot?

Now that I am ending my second year of community college (technically a sophomore but will probably graduate within 2-3 years from a university) I contemplate on giving West Point another go at it, prior to this I was all gung-ho however my SAT/ACT scores weren't up to USMA standards and I got denied. I know there are other ways to commission as well (VTCC is an option I might consider especially since I am from VA) yet a part of me is still clinging on to West Point because its where I've wanted to go since 11th grade (never applied then because I wasn't nearly as qualified as I was last year). At this point I don't know whether I should take it or leave it because I will be doing 4 more years of schooling to get a Bachelors; and what gets to me is the fact that my youngest brother, who is now a freshman in high school, will be a sophomore in college by the time I graduate at the age 25 (which is pretty young, an age where some get Master Degrees) with the class of 2018--my original class was supposed to be 2015

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes. While you may graduate a little older it is West Point. You cannot do better in serving your country.

  • 4 years ago

    particular you could reapply yet you may get in via the age of 21. while you at the instant are not frequent, you could examine into the West ingredient prep college. you'll be conscious for this. It factors academic prep for the academy. you additionally can bypass to a community college for a three hundred and sixty 5 days and convey your gpa up and then reapply. you will possibly could take all your courses over back as they don't settle for flow credit. definitely inspite of the undeniable fact that, you may bypass to a state college and bypass by rotc. ROTC additionally commissions cadets and that they have got produced officers who've develop into generals. The academy isn't for each guy or woman and it is extremely problematic to get into. there is greater beneficial than one thank you to develop right into a militia officer so do your study and while you're in extreme college, basically verify you're making your self aggressive via taking a great style of math and technology courses and protecting a extreme gpa. in case you haven't got a minimum of a three.5 or greater efficient and are taking AP courses, and are not a stand out athlete, you do not probably stand a raffle on the academy.

  • 8 years ago

    Think OCS

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