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Could Kevin Love be better than Tim Duncan and be the greatest PF ever if he can stay healthy?

I mean the guy is a beast when healthy and a rebounding machine. and how about Noah for greatest ever candidate?


Ok so what if he gets a few rings under his name? Then could he be considered best if he stays dominant?

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    no way is that going to happen

  • becher
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    3 years ago

    Tim Duncan is the best potential forward ever. he's likewise the best participant of the final 10 or 12 years and ranks bigger than the two Shaq and Kobe on an All-Time checklist in my view. Now Love is putting up super numbers, yet with the intention to be stated in a similar sentence as Duncan, he needs to hold greater to the table. Duncan can't be degree by using statistics. His impact on the Spurs is excellent. he's their chief and their protection is provided around him. he's their best grasp participant and he's the face of the franchise. I heavily can't overstate how significant Duncan is to the San Antonio Spurs. Kevin Love is a vivid youthful participant for a team on the up. yet Tim Duncan is a legend who cemented his legacy as between the greats years in the past. permit Kevin win a pair of MVPs, a pair of rings and be consistently dominant for a decade. Then we are going to communicate.

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    Nope. His defense is no where NEAR as good as Duncan's. Plus he mostly dominants with his shooting. And he's a rebounding machine, can't lie about that. Duncan is a true big man. And if he was the greatest then he would have made the playoffs by now... regardless how bad his team is.

  • 7 years ago

    Ummm nuh

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    Source(s): Blake Griffin could be better and Karl Malone was better
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