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Alabama...misdemeanor...background Check?

Was arrested for shoplifting...terrible mistake, I know!! Misdemeanor...did pre-trial deversion & it was "dismissed." This happened in Alabama...will it show up on a teacher background check? A local superintendent said misdemeanors don't show up on background checks they do.

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    Yes. All arrests, criminal charges, and dispositions are on a background check. In Alabama there is no expungement law.

    Now, background check services are all over the place -- which gives variability to what will actually appear on them. So it is very possible this would not show up on many of them simply because they are not one unified database.. and typically do a national check which is unlikely to show such a charge with dismissal.. -- If the background check service the school uses checks the county in which the charge occurred it will show:

    Something like:

    Arrest Date = Date

    Charge = Charge

    Disposition: Dismissed with conditions.

    With pre-trial diversion you are essentially placed on a probation for some period and if you meet the terms of this probation the charge is then agreed and decreed to be dismissed WITH prejudice. This is the "With conditions", as the charge was only dismissed if one met a criteria of conditions.

    People with ANY common legal sense will realize the charge was dismissed and it won't effect anything. However, many people are ignorant and all they see is a charge or arrest -- and immediately take that as a guilty verdict of said charge. They glance over the disposition (Dismissed) in your case and don't realize that legally you were NOT found guilty of the charge and further it was dismissed.

    In Alabama Dismissed charges don't "go away" -- they are simply disposed of as Dismissed.

    If you have any trouble with the charge appearing, you can clear it up. A dismissed , non violent, misdemeanor is not a disqualifying factor for employment of a teacher, or grounds for dismissal. If it were you would have a civil lawsuit against the school if you so chose.

    Take care,

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    Source(s): Background Check Search Database -
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