Should I Trade Matt Kemp in Fantasy?

ESPN Standard 10 team league, currently in 6th place.

I took Matt Kemp with the 6th pick and am so far pretty disappointed. No power, barely any steals, the average is finally starting to get respectable but still not up to par with where he should be. I was thinking about what I could get for him in a trade. I was offered Matt Harvey. I declined that trade because I feel that my pitching isn't my biggest concern, I more so need average and power.(Also, Harvey may have an innings limit)

What type of hitter should I look at in a trade? Another big name who also may be struggling, a lesser known player who is playing well so far or something else?

My team right now is:

C- Jonathan Lucroy

1B- Allen Craig

2B- Omar Infante

SS- Elvis Andrus

3B- Adrian Beltre

OF- Matt Kemp

OF- Bryce Harper

OF- Angel Pagan

UTIL-Nick Markakis

UTIL- Justin Morneau

Bench-Nelson Cruz

Bench- Eric Hosmer

Bench- Neil Walker

DL- Aaron Hill

SP- Cole Hamels

SP- Madison Bumgarner

SP- Mat Latos

P- Mike Minor

P- Jeff Samardzija

P- Jason Grilli

RP- Aroldis Chapman

RP- Addison Reed

Bench- Justin Masterson

Bench- Scott Feldman

What do you think? Any suggestions? Should I have taken that Harvey trade?

Thanks so much!

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  • Pronk
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    8 years ago
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    Kemp still has a lot of trade value;I know I'd love to get him for Harvey!

    You should cash in on his (massive) trade value if you're gonna let him go.Kemps' owners aren't happy with him,but non Kemp owners would love to get him at a discounted rate.

    I think you should package Hamels with Kemp to try to get some value out of Hamels.Make it a 2 for 2 trade,and I'd target Verlander & a really good hitter.Verlander is a great buy low candidate in my opinion,and he'd be a great upgrade to Hamels.But don't be afraid to ask for your opponents' top outfielder with Verlander.

    So,Kemp + Hamels for Verlander + really good hitter.

    (Verlander owners are probably more disgusted with him than Kemp owners are with Kemp.)

    Gud Loock

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