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What makes a movie worth watching....?

Name the last movie that blew you away !


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    A good movie is one that not only touches and entertains you, but one that has a great message. The last movie that blew me away was the Life of Pi. It was an amazing motion picture with a moving story line. However, I learned a lot from it, and it showed me a lot about my Christian faith. Pi was a fine example of devotion. He gave himself to his God, and it was inspiring.

    So, here is what a movie needs: good motion picture, entertaining plot, a good message that can be applied to life, and one that leaves you smarter and a more experienced and wise individual.

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    it's impossible to tell a movie worth watching without watching it. Everyone has different opinions on movies then again usually people choose movies today by what critics say if they say it's good or junk they will or will not watch it which is really stupid. I have seen some movies everyone said was great and it was total shet.

    What makes a movie worth watching is something that interests me story wise. you can't see a movie just because their is an actor you want to see like how MANY women choose to watch movies just because theirs a hot actor in it. that is sad. I want to watch a movie with a great story not because theirs nudity with my favorite actor if that was the case i would save myself $10 and get porn.

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    Django. Blew me away from it.

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    The plot, the pacing, the cinematography, the acting, the emotional resonance, the surprises, the intensity.

    The last film I enjoyed was The Stokers, an independent film about a family with far too many skeletons in their closets.

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    Me and the Magical victory over evil,it was the Harry Potter series. love Harry Potter. Hope it goes on in the future. Have not been really watching the screen much these days,does not hold my attention atm but when something comes along rivets me I will see it. Do want to see the Hobbit,just have not done so as yet.

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    The plot. Actors don't matter, in most cases. SOME characters are written for certain actors, and they play them so well, but plot is FAR more important to me. I have not seen anything worth remembering, recently.

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    Men with 6 packs.I watched the notebook the first time a few weeks ago and it was amazing

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    It's either got to be visually amazing e.g Avatar

    Or psychological/deep e.g Silence of The Lambs,

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    "The perks of being a wallflower" it is a movie based on the book and really liked it;)

    And the most important things are:

    -The acting

    -The storyline

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