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What names should I give to these characters?

Hi I'm writing a story, and there are three characters who I can't pick names for.

The two main characters; A and B.

A's personality:

She is a flower arranger, working in a little shop by a beach run by her and a friend. She is very artistic, and loves literature and music. She means well, however she can be a bit of a pushover and people do tend to walk over her - but it is a wise idea not to get her mad.

B's personality:

B is in Year 12, she is studying Chemistry, IT and Maths - subjects that were picked for her - and Art & Design (the only one she picked herself.) Like Character A, she has a passion for culture...a lover of art, food, music and literature. Her mom is forever pushing her into things she doesn't want to do, like taking "practical" subjects when she wants to explore English and Art. She is bright, though, and can handle this. Although she is a big rebel, and often goes against things just for the hell of it, and is always getting herself into troublesome situations. She has a good heart.

Then the side characters; Mr C and D.

Mr C:

Character B's Chemistry teacher. The two do not get on. Mr C is a man with strong morals, and B goes against all of this. Though, deep down, Mr C believes that B is a bright girl with lots of potential. They argue often and he is always sending her out of class. Mr C is at the "more than friends" stage with Character A - however it's complicated. He wants more with her than A does. Not much more is known about him than that he would do anything for Character A, and that he's kind of a workaholic.


D is Character A's best friend. She owns the flower shop A works at. She is lighthearted, fun, and young in every sense of the word...despite being in her late twenties. She wants only the best for A, but can be quite forceful or appear controlling in her ways. The two are always there for each other, and have been friends for years, though. They often meet up for coffee, even though D is more of a "party girl" than A. You know what they say...opposites attract.

These are the possible names for each character, but suggestions are more than welcome!

A - Olivia (Liv, Livvy), Amanda (Mandy), Anna (Annie), Katie, Hannah, Emma, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth (Eliza, Liz, Liza, Lizbeth, Beth), Abigail (Abi), Jennifer (Jenny, Jen), Jessica (Jess), Laura, Megan (Meg), Ashley, Amy

B - Emily (Em), Chloe (Chlo), Samantha (Sam), Freya, Eloise (El), Jessica (Jess, Jessie), Winona (Winn), Lydia (Lyd), Cordelia (Cordi), Talitha (Tal), Olivia (Liv), Lucy, Amelia

Mr C - William (Will), James (Jamie), Mark, Peter (Pete), David (Dave), John, Daniel (Dan, Danny), Ryan, Henry, Timothy (Tim), Michael, Robert (Rob, Robbie), Andrew (Andy), Thomas (Tom)

D - Sophie, Anna (Annie), Claire, Grace, Sarah, Olivia, Lauren, Lily (Lil), Emily (Em), Hannah, Abigail (Abi), Kate


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  • 8 years ago
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    A- Anna, Annie, Katie, or Laura. I like Laura the best.

    B- Chloe, Eloise, Samantha, or Amelia. I like Samantha the best for her.

    C- James, Henry, or Timothy. I don't really have a favorite for him, I quite like all of them.

    D- Claire, Lily, Abigail, Kate. I really like Kate, and I like Claire as well but I see her as more of a Clara than a Claire.

  • 8 years ago

    A: Emma. As i was reading the description, i automatically thought of the name Emma and then saw it on your list! If you're looking for a middle name also here are some:

    Emma Grace

    Emma Rose

    Emma Kate

    Emma Michelle

    Emma Reese

    Emma Cole

    Emma Renee

    Emma Lane

    B: Elise. I think the name Elise would fit this character very nicely. Here are some middle name suggestions:

    Elise Alexandria

    Elise Michelle

    Elise Nicole

    Elise Maire

    Elise Olivia

    Elise Noelle

    Mr. C: Mark. The name Mark fits the description.

    D: Grace. I love the name and it goes well with the description.

    Hope i helped! :)

  • 8 years ago

    A- Emma or Megan (I prefer the spelling Meghan)

    B-Emily (only if you don't do A as Emma), Amelia, or Lucy

    C-David or Thomas

    D-Sophie or Abigail


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