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Pregnant will everything be ik?

had a scan last Monday I was 6w1d everything was fine, seen heart beat midwife was happy, had another scan today I am 7w5d, again seen heart beat said baby was growing perfectly and was happy, I'm back in 2 weeks again for another scan, I'm really worried I may miscarry I have been reading that every week goes by is good but if u have seen heart beat the chances of miscarry falls, has anyone else been for a scan but still miscarried and help would be great thanks

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    Chances of miscarriage is said to go down to 3 percent after mom has seen the heart beat because she isn't so worried about it not being there relax and try to breath I'm sure your baby will be fine... after you have passed 12 weeks your chances of miscarriage is almost non existing and will remain at less then 1 percent for the rest of the pregnancy best of luck!!! And Congrats on the little one

    Source(s): Preganant 3 times lost one baby to miscarriage
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    You need to stop worrying about this. Worry does no good. By worrying, you can't change what will happen. It just increases your stress, which is bad for you and your child.

    Also, most pregnancies do NOT miscarry.

    Instead, start planning for the future.

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