What are the Food and Drink trends in Hawaii and Guam?

For instance Hawaii is the largest consumer of Spam in the United States. And what I want to know is how did it started. Like when Spam was brought to Hawaii, why did all the Hawaiian people love it and now there are varieties of it.

Please give at least 2 - 3 trends of branded foods and food outlets in both places mentioned above. And answered with the guide questions below;

How did that 'Food' and 'Drink' became popular in that Hawaii or Guam? and how did it all started? Please make it detailed and with a lot of information as possible.

P.S. Do not state traditional or local food and drink trends in your answers like a product of Hawaii or Guam that become so popular within its island or state. What I am looking for is like Pepsi or Coca Cola, they are now the most top and consumed drinks in Hawaii and Guam and in Asia for example.

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    Spam consumption on Guam and Hawaii started after World War II.

    I'm not to sure about Hawaii, but I know about Guam.

    During WWII, Guam had to give the Japanese people food from their farms and ranches. The Japanese put a quota on people based on how large their farm was.

    These quotas were often unsustainable for the small farms and soon many peoples farms on Guam collapsed. Before they farmed as much as their lands could hold, now they had to farm for their family and Japanese. Eventually, food on farms and ranches were exhausted, however there was no shortage of chickens and eggs. Eggs were often given to imperial Japanese soldiers.

    The people on Guam were then put in concentration camps and they couldn't maintain their farms.

    After the war, Guam was intensely bombed by the Americans. Many farmers who went back to their farms would find live ammunition that would explode in their hands. So many people were a bit afraid to dig up the ground. Live ammunition are still being dug up today.

    There also just was no food on Guam, the Americans had to import food and Spam was seen as a very easy thing to transport as meat.

    Furthermore, these places get hit by typhoons a lot so stockpiling canned food like Spam became the norm.

    The same is similar with why ichiban is eaten a lot on Guam. It was easy to stockpile if a typhoon ever came.

    On Guam, Pepsi became popular because one of the elite families on Guam owned the franchise. The Calvo family.

    Coca Cola was originally the popular drink on Guam in the 1930s.

    Today, another popular drinks are bottled teas from Taiwan. These include king car, assam black tea, milk teas, and bottle green tea. These became popular because of the Taiwanese and Chinese population on Guam who opened wholesales and grocery stores.

    People on Guam are more likely to pick up a bottle of flavored tea than a bottle of coca cola.

    Now, Korean noodles from Nongshim are increasingly favored because there has been more korean wholesalers and grocery stores opening up.

    They also are in line with the palate on Guam, Spicy and hydrating, Sour, or sweet.

    Kimchi bowls and Shin cups are normally bought.

    As well as candy and chips from Meiji, Oishi, and Lotte and other asian brands. Popular snacks include shrimp chips, Pocky, Kyebatsu Taro, Yan Yans, etc.

    The reason they are popular is because of the population who lives on Guam as well as the availability of it being provided by wholesalers and grocery stores.

    It also meets the palate found on Guam.

    Guam is more likely to eat asian snacks then American snacks.

    It also depends on the generations, Older generations will tend to eat and drink american, younger generation tend to eat and drink asian.

    Theres more available asian snacks and drinks then there was 50 years ago.

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    One of the great food adventures in Hawaii are the little eateries serving Plate Lunches, which typically have a scoop (or two) of rice, a salad (or kimchi), and a protein (Pulehu Beef, Pork Loin Katsu, or Garlic Sesame Chicken). Moreover, these places are popular because they are affordable. Well now you can get your taste of the Hawaiian Islands right here on Guam with affordable prices and impressive portions at a newly-opened restaurant called Ono Hawaiian Bar-B-Que & Dessert Bar.

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