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急需 幫忙解答4句英文的句型分析 20點

A 12 kW fixed-speed wind turbine was monitored for two years in a fairly turbulent site;

the power train of the turbine had no appreciable filteringeffect on the wind fluctuations.

The present analytical solution is easy to handle and compared successfully tothe IEC-

based curve.

Energy predictions by the ideal curve are within the inherentexperimental error.

The present study aims at assessing the ideal power curve of fixed-speed,passive stall.

幫忙標註 或是括號....哪裡到哪裡


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    (A 12 kW fixed-speed wind turbine) 主詞,一個12千瓦的定速風力發電機

    (was monitored for two years) 動詞,被監測了兩年

    (in a fairly turbulent site); 地方副詞,在一個強風的地方

    (the power train of the turbine)主詞,風力發電機的傳動

    (had no appreciable filtering effect)動詞,沒有可見的漏出效果

    (on the wind fluctuations.)補語,在風速波動方面

    (The present analytical solution) 主詞,目前的分析結果

    (is easy to handle and compared successfully)動詞與補語,容易成功地控制比較

    (to the IEC-based curve.)對於以綜合電子控制為基礎的曲線

    (Energy predictions) (by the ideal curve)主詞,由理想曲線產生的電力預測

    (are within the inherent experimental error.)動詞與補語,含括了原本就有的實驗誤差

    (The present study) (aims at) 主詞動詞,目前的研究著眼於

    (assessing the ideal power curve) (of fixed-speed,passive stall.)


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