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Xander asked in 教育與參考考試 · 8 years ago

基礎總體經濟學 AS-AD 模型

題目1:Suppose that the United States is at full employment. Then the federal government cuts taxes, and all other influences on aggregate demand remain the same. Explain the effect of the tax cut on aggregate demand in the short run.

解答1:The tax cut increases aggregate demand and shifts the AD curve rightward. Aggregate supply does not change. In the short run, the price level rises, real GDP increases, and unemployment decreases.

題目2:Suppose that the world price of oil rises. On an AS-AD graph, show the effect of the world oil price rise on the macroeconomic equilibrium in the short run. Explain the adjustment process that restores the economy to full employment.

解答2:A rise in the world price of oil decreases aggregate supply. As shown in Figure 29.3, the AS curve shifts leftward from AS0 to AS1.The new short-run equilibrium occurs where the AS1 curve intersects the AD curve.The price level and real GDP will shifts upward. Full employment is restored as the money wage rate falls. Aggregate supply increases and the AS curve shifts rightward. This adjustment likely would be slow because workers resist falls in their money wage rate.


我做了很多像這種AS-AD 模型題目

我能判斷AS AD 會如何移動 物價 GDP 會怎麼移動

長期充分就業時 AS.AD又會怎麼移動




c. 如何判斷名目工資率上升還是下降



它與通膨率有相關嗎(通膨越高 失業越低,是嗎),還是並無相關呢

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    另一種直接判斷失業率則是用phillip curve判斷

    (phillip curve,菲利浦曲線)

    若要和通膨率有關,則看phillip curve為佳



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