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7 month old son: seriously need advice?

i have a 7 month old son. and i just want to say first that i love him very much. im extreamly patient and everything. but for some reason lately he just wont sleep! hes up all night no matter what i do. and the worst part is hell lay in his bed or swing and just loudly moan and scream and make loud noises.the moaning sounds more like a loud growling or grunting noise. during the day hes fine laughing, smiling but at night he just screams and moans and makes loud noises. i dont know what to do i cant get any sleep and i hate to say this but its so annoying i know hes a baby and its not like hes trying to be. (please no bashing) ive searched different ways to get him to go to sleep and none work. i dont get any sleep, i cant watch tv cuz hell just scream or moan over top of it even if im in the living room. (living room and bedroom right next to each other, no door just a wall with doorway). and everytime i try to do something during the day whether it be homework, house chores, cook dinner, anything other than sit and watch tv he will start crying even if he just fell asleep. i really need advice on how to get him to no only sleep but stop moaning and screaming and crying and making loud noises only at night. and to understand why everytime i try and do something he starts crying. (sorry if this message seems outta sorts)

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    Things that bother babies at night would be teething because the pain and drainage increases while they are on their back and it makes it hard to sleep when a bunch of saliva is constantly dripping down his throat. I know everyone says "back to sleep" but at 7 months can he roll over if he needs to?... probably. How does he sleep on his stomach?

    Is he having bowel movements regularly? Grunting could be him trying to have a BM and not being able to, he could be constipated.

    He could also have an ear infection.. those hurt ONLY at night for some stupid reason. My son's was that way and lying down at night was SO painful!


    If it is that he misses you (and seriously TAKE HIM TO A DR first to rule out the other things I mentioned) then I recommend putting his crib in your room right next to your bed so he can hear you & see you. Every several days move him a bit further from your bed. Or you can sit in his room till he goes to sleep then every few days move further away. Start doing chores going in and out of his room every couple of minutes, expand your time away every day (30 seconds to 1 min to 3 min etc) This teaches him that you ARE indeed coming back. Gradually get the time longer & longer till it works out. I started with nap time cause it was easiest and during the day so I wasn't exhausted. It was the ONLY thing that finally worked for us.

    So 1st take him to an experienced pediatrician and rule out all that stuff I mentioned before and if he is 100% fine then try my other advice.

    Source(s): Mom to an 8 year old & 11 year old... I have been there. Good luck & God Bless you & your beautiful baby
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    Well first thing is he doesnt want to be away from you maybe so he screams and moans for attention. And because you give him attention he will learn to do it again and again. Now the night problem seems like you two have different schedules. My thinking is the naps. Does he sleep all day? If not when does this baby sleep? Um usually naps can cause any human being to be up at night so maybe keep the baby active for a while. Also if your baby moans and cries maybe something is wrong with the crib?Or the baby itself.

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