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7 month old son: seriously need advice?

i have a 7 month old son. and i just want to say first that i love him very much. im extreamly patient and everything. but for some reason lately he just wont sleep! hes up all night no matter what i do. and the worst part is hell lay in his bed or swing and just loudly moan and scream and make loud noises. during the day hes fine laughing, smiling but at night he just screams and moans and makes loud noises. i dont know what to do i cant get any sleep and i hate to say this but its so annoying i know hes a baby and its not like hes trying to be. (please no bashing) ive searched different ways to get him to go to sleep and none work. i dont get any sleep, i cant watch tv cuz hell just scream or moan over top of it even if im in the living room. (living room and bedroom right next to each other, no door just a wall with doorway). and everytime i try to do something during the day whether it be homework, house chores, cook dinner, anything other than sit and watch tv he will start crying even if he just fell asleep. i really need advice on how to get him to no only sleep but stop moaning and screaming and crying and making loud noises only at night. and to understand why everytime i try and do something he starts crying. (sorry if this message seems outta sorts)


the moaning sounds more like a loud growling or grunting noise

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    Feed him less sugar? Caffeine? LOL.. A 7 month old is primarily breastfed and/or formula fed. Anything else if at all is fruit and veggie purees.

    *He might have gas or a trapped burp. Try burping him,some extra pats on the back just before you lay him down and you can try gas drops and/or gripe water. It will help babies who gave excess gas. You can also try doing bicycle motions with his legs to help him pass it.

    How are his bowel habits? No hard,pebble like stools at all?

    *Babies as they get older will of course have more awake time,they are more alert taking in surrounding sounds and sights. It might help to start a bedtime routine even this early. Play time followed by quiet time,bath time(giving the gas drops and gripe water now so they take effect) and then rocking or putting him to sleep.

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    Hey may be cutting teeth, or getting ready to hit a milestone. It is not unusual for babies to start waking up like this at his age. My daughter did and occasionally still does. If he screams for to long go and comfort him, and give him some milk. He may just also want mom. If it continues I would take him to the doctor and see what they suggest. You really didn't give much info on his routine, what he eats, does he have teeth.

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    Try to find out out what can make him relax. Warm bath, story telling or calming music. Consult a doctor as well, maybe your baby is having discomfort that he is now express. You also need to make do time management so that you will still have time on your need to dos

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    Too little info but here are some tips. Absolutely no caffeine for the child. Feed him less amounts of sugar. Sounds like he may be in a bit of discomfort so see if changing his sheets and blanket or change detergent and fabric softner. Do you see any rashes? Bath him and try to relax him before bed time. Take him to the Dr to see if he has any allergies.

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    Hey sleep deprivation is awful you must be on your knees. I will explain how we sleep and then the strategies given will make sense and hopefully help.

    To feel sleepy and go to sleep our brains need to produce a hormone called melatonin. The dark tells our brains to start producing it. That is why we have curtains and use black out blinds. We can also train our brains to produce it. Having a night time routine that lasts no more than 20 mins and is repeated every night will start to tell our brains it's night time and it will produce the hormone. Set up a routine bath sing a gentle song and read a book.

    Certain things that are not stimulating for one child could be stimulating for another. Eg a bath could relax one child but wake another child up. Tv stimulates a child others relaxes it. Try not having tv on for an hour before bed time.

    A child needs to learn to self sooth. If you rock them to sleep or cuddle them to sleep they are not learning to drift off on their own. You need to put your baby in its cot before its asleep. You can teach your child to play on its own for short periods of time. I'm talking 10 mins at a time. Put your baby in its cot during the day with lots of toys. Walk out for one minute then come back and take him out hugs etc etc and bring back into sitting room. Repeat this a couple of times during the day. It will take weeks but your baby will begin to understand you will come back very quickly and will start to play without being upset once she can roller ate one minute without being upset up it to two minutes and so on. This process will take weeks so try and be patient.

    Back to sleep. There are three stages of sleep that goes round in a cycle all night. The last stage is called partial wakening. This is when we half wake up and check our environment hasn't changed. This is when we wake up as we realise our duvet has fallen off or we need the loo. With a child if they fall asleep in their parents arms and are then in their cot when they partially wake. They will wake up at this stage. If they go to sleep with a dummy in and it's fallen out. They go to sleep on the bottle and then it's gone. Light on then its off. Tv on then its off. Any change in their environment from going to sleep to partial wakening stage will cause them to wake. This means they need to go to sleep as they will remain all night.

    If you can seek advice and support from a health proffesional. Good luck

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