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Are bullies human beings?

Are they human beings? Or are they human and it is human nature. And if so..should the human race go extinct?

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    yes, bullies are humans.

    fundamentally, bullying stems from insecurities, poor social skills, sprinkled with some attachment issues of not knowing how to engage, initiate contact with peers as well as express their inner experiences with others, by taking control and using fear and intimidating as a means of initiating and maintaining contact with others.

    it is also a safe and protective way of engaging others while protecting themselves to ensure they do not get hurt by taking control of the situation while fulfilling their social needs - dysfunctional is it maybe, it does serve a basic human function for social contact and interaction just in a twisted and dysfunctional way; hence, poor social skills and insecure.

    them being bullied themselves at home or elsewhere, is a behavioral perspective, which may or may not be the case but they are for certain insecure, defensive, and have inadequate social skills being modeled for them.

    the old saying for bullies is that they walk around with a 'confused & hurt inner child' trying to get their social needs meets in some capacity.

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    Yes, Yes, and NO.

    From what I have found is that Bullies have been bullied by someone else or parents. Its sad, but maybe try talking to them? I have and change a few people over it.

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    a bully is still a person, usually one who has been bullied themselves, either my parents, siblings or someone at school, something happened in their lives that made them the way they are now.

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    an inconsiderate jackazz so no.

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