Advice on how to protect my family from Burglars or kidnappers?

Okay little back round history. I live in a small town, that used to be great now it's mostly empty buildings and houses and Meth addicts, and meth labs. I live next to an abandoned lumber yard, and four empty delapitated houses, I only have one neighbor left. (when i moved in here several years okay it was a nice little neighborhood with every house full.) A major factory which supported our community closed a few years ago and everybody was pretty much forced to move away to follow work. My whole family was forced to find different work, my husband luckily found work about 30 mins away and we'd love to move closer but hard to sell a house around here now. well back to the problem. we've been finding liquor bottles and syringes and needles inside our fenced in yard, and now have had to run off a man standing outside our 2 year old daughters room, he was watching in her window. we've reported all this to the cops and i ask them what should we do? how can we protect ourselves and all they tell us is well keep reporting this stuff and we have a record of it now. and we'll increase patrols in your area for a few days. UGH if my daughter gets kidnapped or we're killed in a home invasion how is that fact that they've wrote down my previous reports going to help us! we fenced in our yard we have a dog idk what else to do besides getting a security system that i'm not sure i could afford. and the police said "don't put anything that could hurt the perp or you'll be liable. i'm desperate what can i do.

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    so you live in detroit, huh?

    you can move

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    One thing to do for sure is to never let your daughter out of your sight and close the blinds in her room so no one can look in. I would also advise owning some sort of a gun. Also pepper spray. I don't know what your fence looks like but try to have at least the back yard fence solid so no one can peek in and/or intrude. Always keep your door locked. If at all possible look into a security system that you could maybe afford. Have a plan in your family on what to do in the case of an emergency. Also have you or your husband at least look out the window before you all go to bed to make sure no one is watching or snooping around. Also lock your windows when not home and at night. And of course should all else fail or you feel things just aren't working out you would have to move. I really hope this helps and good luck to your family.

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    Own a gun. Keep near you at all times. Take classes on self defense or martial arts (or use youtube to learn if you can't afford classes). Also installing a security system that alersts the police when the home is broken into is helpful. Also when you said "if the police keep records how will it help if we get killed in a home invasion?" well God forbid that does happen they'd have those records to look back on drastically increasing the chances of capture of the bad guy. I hope this helped and the final option is to move out which may be hard.

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  • k w
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    first thing to do is take a breath, and get out of panic mode, you can't live like that......

    keep a cool head and think out what you may need, sorry the cops are not gonna tell you much

    but dope fiends and kidnapping....forget it you watch too much tv....but just be smart figure out some rules for home and safe places to stay in case it don't look too safe around the too many people and you are uneasy about going past them etc

    there's a new subsonic alarm for doors and windows and it looks super

    you'll need to go to site and check out alarm options

    go around your home, check for easy ways in, and fix them! if you don't know ask the police to check for you and give you options

    most dopers don't want to be seen or confront anyone....but you may want to make a "safe room" to give you a sense of safety....your choice

    set up motion detectors inside the fence...and perhaps some motion detectors outside the fence that only light up in the house or alarm you, which ever way you prefer...just to give you an idea of the activity around there

    remote cameras can help too, hidden and or camo'd , to your tv, or camera tv, your choice

    and the cops mean, no trip wires to shotguns or bear traps etc...but if they get inside, then all bets are off, you have the right to terminate with prejudice.

    as for weapons...everyone in the home needs to know how to use one safely and no blabbing to anyone about what you have in the home!!! pick the weapons, zapper, spray and on up the list

    best wishes

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    Legal only if you have a stack of rocks beside your bed. It will only get worse as these bills get passed (if) & if you are a gun owner , you will have to register even your granddad's .22 rifle. Non compliance will be at your own risk & you know what that means. The laws are already getting absurd - two years ago I was pulled over going to a gun show & was charged for carrying a concealed weapon w/o a permit. The weapon in question was a flintlock pistol ( who knows if it would shoot?) I got a class A misdemeanor out of that one & still carry it on my record. Pretty soon we will all get wittled down until there are no gun rights whatsoever. I know this is an extreme case , but all it takes are a few & the door is wide open.

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    Install motion detector floodlights in your yard. They are not expensive and can be set to come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. Also, get a dog. It doesn't even have to be a big dog, as long as it makes a lot of noise. Photograph the syringes and liquor bottles around your home and take them to the police. And yes, training with a gun can be helpful as long as only the parents can get to it.

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