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Funny thing to put in yearbook?

I have to write what my plans are after high school for our yearbook in high school and i want to write something funny. any good ideas? Thanks!

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  • AJ
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    7 years ago
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    You're asking us to write something funny in your yearbook in high school. Shouldn't you simply write about something funny that happened during your high school days? How are we supposed to know what funny things you experienced during high school. One funny thing I can think of is that there were these students who were able to make their own homework without relying on the internet. Now that's hilarious because that rarely happens anymore.

  • croll
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    3 years ago

    why do not you write in a spiral circle in all of us's yearbook so while they examine it they might desire to maintain turning their yb around and around to examine what your wrote and then throw in a shaggy dog tale which you think of is humorous =)

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