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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 7 years ago

Give These Characters Names Please? (10 POINTS!!!)?

Easy 10 Points right? Just think of AS MUCH NAMES AS YOU CAN! For Best Answer!

Best Answer goes to the most names! Good Luck! Think of both Boys AND Girls names for this, and try to keep it level with each other!!!

Punks -

Bandies -

Fat Gamers -

Thugs -

Flashy Poseurs -

Metalheads -

Bible Thumpers -

Emo Hipsters -

Snobby Divas -

Norwegian Exchanges -

"Rude Boys" -

Generic Emos -

Douches/Queen Bees -

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago
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    Punks - Roxanne/Willow/Zachary/Drake

    Bandies - Jade/Elodie/Ryan/Colin

    Fat Gamers - Samantha/Fiona/Jason/Kevin

    Thugs - Lola/Reese/Frederick/Vincent

    Flashy Poseurs - Georgia/Leigh/Graham/Nicholas

    Metalheads - Ivy/Remy/Tristan/Preston

    Bible Thumpers - Eva/Harriet/Caleb/Joseph

    Emo Hipsters - Lily/Ruby/Micah/Benjamin

    Snobby Divas - Zoey/Jessica/Barry/Neil

    Norwegian Exchanges - Freya/Olga/Michael/Casper

    "Rude Boys" - Ashley/Riley/Jackson/Lewis

    Generic Emos - Shannon/Felicity/Gage/Tate

    Douches/Queen Bees - Charlotte/Yasmin/West/Daniel

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  • 7 years ago

    Punks/ Jynx, Ramona, Shenna: Xander, Marcus, Zayden

    Bandies/Marlee, Kourtny, Jayna: Todd, Soloman, Jeremy

    Fat Gamers/Hope, Storm, Jannet: Pj, Eric, James

    Thugs/Shada, Janis, Meeka: Gene, Paul, Bently

    Flashy Posers/ Regan, Kimi, Chelsea: Kennith, Gabe, Ethan

    Metalheads/Roxanne, Juliana, Emili: Roth, Nik, Reece

    Bible Thumpers/ Annebell, Sadie, Jama: John, Peter, Micha

    Snobby Divas/Mae Anna, Kimberly, Emma: Seth, Tucker, Shawn

    Exchanges/Naughtia, Penelope, Meghan: Jesus, Liam, Xavier

    Rude Boys/Zach, Josh, Ian, Mark, Hudson, Noah, Erik, Fallon

    Emos/Edith, Nala, Shaina: Dusty, Dillon, Bart

    Queen Bees/Alyssa, Ava, Sophia, Mia, Emma, Alana, Allie, Savannah, Riley

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