Another name 8 kids with these guidelines?

1. Girl: Both first and middle name must be nature names.

2. Boy: His first name must be a hero from a book and his middle name must be a villian from the same book.

3, 4, and 5. Triplet Boys: First names must be history names and middle names must be after your friends.

6. Girl: First name must be an old-fashioned name and middle name must be from the top ten name list for your country.

7 and 8. Twin Girls: First names must be double-barreled and middle names must have some sort of connection (please explain the connection)

As always, feel free to add personalities, ages and pictures. The more detailed you are the more likely you are to be chosen best answer.


Ava Rose (Ava means little bird and a rose is a flower): 17. She is serious, quiet, and thoughtful. She is very pretty but doesn't really notice it. She loves her little siblings very much.

Achan Silvo (Achan Cham and Silvo Hamartano from the Blood of Kings Trilogy by Jill Williamson): 15. Like his older sister he is quite serious, most of the time. However he also has a goofy side. He is very polite.

Alexander Trevor, Julius Braxton and Daniel Connor (Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Daniel from the Bible): 7. Alex is athletic and loves sports, Julius is very smart and wants to be a doctor someday, Daniel loves music. He plays guitar and sings and wants to be a professional singer one day. The boys are all very different from each other but are still very close.

(Left to right: Julius, Alexander, Daniel)

Elizabeth Madison: 6. She loves to dance ballet and ride horses. She is a very sweet, friendly little girl.

Sophie-Rae Grace and Lina-Mae Hope: 3. They are both sweet and shy littler girls. You rarely see them apart.

(Lina-Mae, left and Sophie-Rae, right)

Have fun! :D


Grace and Hope are both virtue names, that's the connection.

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    ♡ Rowan Lily.

    (Rowan is a tree and Lily is a flower).

    ● Tristan Gregory.

    (Tristan Carruthers and Gregory Baines from Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler).

    ● William Jay. "Liam"

    ● Theodore Oliver. "Theo"

    ● Vincent Daniel. "Vince"

    (After William Shakespeare, Teddy Roosevelt & Vincent Van Gogh).

    ♡ Katherine Amelia. "Kate"

    ♡ Ivy-Rose Evangeline.

    ♡ Anne-Marie Elizabeth.

    (Middle names both start with 'E' and have 4 syllables).



  • Lily Daffodil

    Perseus Kronos

    Charles Evan , George Trevor, Abraham Elijah (King Charles II,George Washington,and Abraham Lincoln)

    Darla Elizabeth

    Emma-Kate Rose,Leigh-Ann Violet

  • 5 years ago

    1. Liam Anthony (William) 2. Ally Melissa (Allyson) 3. Rosalind Brooke 4. Taylor Grace 5. Hudson Akia (African for 1st born) 6. Summer Charity 7. Ansel Augustus (Ansel Elgort/The Fault in our Stars) 8. Riley Cole (Megan Hope) 9. Brooke Oceana 10. Selena Sky 11. Aiden Elijah 12. Walt Hill

  • 8 years ago

    Brooke Luna

    Severus Marvolo

    Calvin Joshua "CJ"

    Ronald Christopher "Ron"

    Theodore Brian "Theo"

    Caroline Sophia "Lina"

    Abigail Katherine Hannah "Abby Kate"

    Emma Claire Rachel

    Source(s): Hannah and Rachel are biblical names
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  • 8 years ago

    Rio Forrest & Brooke Hazel

    Finley Atticus

    George Brandon, Reagan Kai, Milan Julian

    Katherine Isabella

    Emma-Sophia Joy & Bailey-Grace Miracle

    "Rio, Brooke, Finn, George, Rae, Milan, Erin, Emmy, Bay"

  • 8 years ago

    1. Lily Rose

    2. Brandon Frey 'Bran' (A Song of Ice and Fire)

    3. Alexander John (Alexander the Great)

    4. James Oliver (Captain Cook)

    5. Edward Matthew (Ned Kelly)

    6. Cordelia Charlotte

    7. Summer-Lee Juno (Roman goddess of marriage)

    8. Luna-Faith Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt)

    My favourite books don't have heroes and villains. Except perhaps Harry Potter, but what boring names. So I used one of my favourite characters and the most hated house for hero and villain respectively instead.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Wren Clover

    Parker Benjamin

    Abraham Kurt

    Leonardo Sean

    Thomas Corey

    Gretchen Sophia

    Bobbi-Jo Rae & Emma-June Mae (They rhyme)

  • Amber
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    8 years ago

    Lily Rose

    Harry Thomas

    Edward Daniel "Eddie"

    James Patrick "Jamie"

    Benjamin Leo "Ben"

    Katherine Mia

    Courtney-Taylor Joy & Sophia-Rae Grace

    "Lily, Harry, Eddie, Jamie, Ben, Katherine, Courtney-Taylor & Sophia-Rae"

  • 8 years ago

    1. Briony Oliva

    2. Ernist Jedidiah

    3. James Andrew

    4. Calvin Mathew

    5. Franklin Michael

    6. Ida Ellie

    7. Ellie - Mae (my nickname XD)

    8. Lily - Rose (flowers)

  • Violet Wren

    Robin Bane

    Lincoln Joseph, Grant Samuel, Arthur Dylan (all last names of US presidents)

    Faye Olivia

    Anna Beth Lily and Eliza Kate Rose (flower names)

  • Roisin
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    8 years ago

    1. Daisy Pearl

    2. Harry Thomas (Harry from Harry Potter, and Thomas as in Tom Riddle.. Voldemort)

    3, 4 & 5. Benjamin Aaron, Charlie Jordan & Edward Matthew (Benjamin Franklin, Charlie Chaplin & Ned Kelly)

    6. Annie Charlotte

    7 & 8. Zara-Leigh Bridget & Mila-Grace Bethany (both start with B)

    Daisy, Harry, Benji, Charlie, Ed, Annie, Zara & Mila

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