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What's the number one cause for headaches?

and what's the number one remedy?

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    Stress generally but there are many factors-not just one, that could contribute to them

    Diet, ie" dairy, too much coffee, too much sugar, ingesting too many preservatives

    Misaligned spine


    Poor vision and not wearing glasses, ie: eye-strain

    Neck strain from constant sitting at computer



    Yoga, exercise

    Over the counter headache medicine

    Prescription medicine

    Correction to the jaw if you have TMJ, surgery or night guard

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    Most common is dehydration. Second common is sinus inflammation due to sub answeres: A. Allergies B. Candida Albicans (systemic yeast), from too much refined foods and sugar in the diet. Third common is physcial: A. myopia (near sightedness) taking glasses off and on after watching a video game on the TV screen for long periods of time or staring at a computer. B. Tension from mis alignment of the spine, neck or injury. Fourth common is Aspartame, artificial sweeteners (number one complaint of side affects and poisonings to the FDA is Aspartame poisoning). Withdrawals of Aspartame poisoning are migraines. Fifth common is hormonal imbalances i.e. Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies caused by side affects of medications or too much caffeine.

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    1- When you don't get enough sleep.

    2- When you hide your pain causes headaches.

    3- To much TV because it hurts your eyes.

    4- Stress.

    5- Mental Problems.

    6- Being Sick.

    7- Eating kinds of junk food which causes you headaches if your body can't fight sickness.

    8- Beer (hangover).

    9- A lot of sex.

    10- Getting really annoyed of something.

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    Stomach problem is the main cause of Headache. Don't eat un usual things/food. Thank you.

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    cause of headache: homeworks

    remedy: play hard

  • Ash
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    7 years ago


    Lots of sleep:)

  • 7 years ago

    cause: eyes

    remedy for all headaches: Advil.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    He wants sex and she doesn't :(

    Just give it to him and stop pretending you have a headache :D

  • Murdoc
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    7 years ago

    Watching too much tv.


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