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Which is the largest empire - mongolian or british empire?

I ve heard that 1/3 of the globe was ruled by the british at once. But also mongolians chopped of asians and the entire asia was under their ruling . Since asia very large , what is the largest empire ?

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    Britain at one time ruled over much of Asia, notably India, as well as America, Australasia, parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The old empire is the largest in history and spread across the globe. As for the Mongolian Empire, most of its fame comes from brutality; it's growth outside of Asia was very limited as their technological and naval advancements were tiny compared to the British. However, as you stated, Asia is very large, so the land mass of the Mongolian Empire was actually greater than the British. It's influence across its empire was nothing in comparison however, which is why the British Empire is seen by modern historians as being larger (even though it wasn't in either area or percentage of world population).

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    British Empire controlled a little over 22% of the globe - (and spread round it which is why the sun never set) but the Mongol Empire was bigger - about 29%

    The British Empire was more populous (hardly suprising as about 7 centuries separated them).

    Lots about it here

    Where you will see that Spain's empire was rather larger than the Romans (which ranks about no 17)

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    1 -The Mongol Empire

    # 2 -The British Empire

    # 3 - The Russian Empire

    # 4 - The Roman Empire ...

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    Mongolia. Just they didn't say that there is no sunset in the empire;)

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