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Case 1: Visit the website of Microsoft :

Search for the technical specification of the following computer:

Brand :Microsoft

Model: Surface Pro

a) What is the microprocessor(Brand and model) used in case 1?

b) For each of the following functional blocks, write down the relevant components listed in the specification of the computer in Case 1.

(i) Input Devices

(ii) Output Devices

(iii) Input-Output Devices

(iv) Main Memory

(v) Secondary Memory

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    a) 3rd generation Intel Core i5

    b) (1) Keyboard, mouse (touch pad)

    (2) 5 point multi touch HD display as monitor. Run by quad-core NvIdia Tegra 3 with 2 GB of ram. Built in speakers.

    (3) 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless Network card and bluetooth 4.0

    (4) 2 Gb

    (5) 32 or 64 Gb (two models available at different prices) 參考資料:

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