LGBT: First World Problems; anybody else hate this stupid phrase?

Who the hell comes up with these ridiculously pointless phrases;

- No Homo

- To Soon

- First World Problems

- Swag


Hell to be ironic, I was YOLO before the phrase even existed; Who the **** comes up with this asinine phrases? I've had people use the YOLO or First World Problems when I attempt to say something that doesn't equal up to starving children or war torn nations...


Forgot to add; That's So Gay... classic

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  • Josuan
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    7 years ago
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    While we could blame the internet, TV and radio were doing an equally good job at spreading nation-wide catchphrases that would get annoying real quick. But let's not focus on blaming anyone - it doesn't matter anyhow (they are, for the most part anonymous). Do I hate the phrases? By themselves, not really. To be interrupted and/or dismissed by one of the phrases - that does piss me off. "I really shouldn't have gone to that party, I'm going to fail this class..." "Dude, YOLO." That does not help me focus - that only reinforces a bad habit, I don't need that. "Ugh, my phone died on me, and I can't..." "Oh God, First World Problems..." No. It's not a First World Problem... I'm expecting a call for a phone interview today. Don't interrupt me to make a lame overused joke. And I think that's why people hate these phrases - they're jokes and they're meant for humor, but they get overused so quickly. It's like the Macarena from back in the day - it was catchy, the dance was easy enough, BUT GOOD GOD did they overplay that song in '96. Like they say in Puerto Rico: "Lo poco gusta, pero lo mucho empalaga" - it translates to "A little bit is good, but too much is cloying."

  • Jingle
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    7 years ago

    Honestly, I think most people hate them. Maybe not yolo or swag (although those are getting old), but the rest are just off-topic and uncalled for.

  • 4 years ago

    Oh my gosh yes!!! They completely damage each music, I imply some individuals have to like them considering that they have bee occurring for goodbye but how!!??? They butcher the track ad then make crap song movies to associate with it, seeking to be all adorable for the children...

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