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A question for British people about the Woolwich terrorist attack?

So two African Muslims decapitated a British soldier in your CITY with machetes and MEAT CLEAVERS. If this soldier was legally authorized to carry a gun for SELF DEFENSE in the city he would have been able to shoot these SAVAGE, fundamentalist criminals before they CHOPPED HIS DAMN HEAD OFF IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Then someone called the police and begged them for armed response which took 20 MINUTES. Your regular police don't even carry guns. Now that poor soldier, god rest his soul is dead because he couldn't defend himself, nobody could intervene at the fear of being chopped to bits, and the only people that could help him (armed response) took 20 minutes to get there. What the hell is wrong with your backwards country?


Criminals will obtain guns illegally regardless of laws idiot. If there had been a person with a legally acquired gun when that soldier was being attacked, then they could have put a stop to what was happening. But of course not! You're all spineless idiots that would rather just watch a soldier get his head chopped off in broad daylight.

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    PM Holds Crisis meeting !!! OK lads this is what we are going to do, Stick our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away !!!

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    If these savage fundamentalist criminals had greater access to guns, they would have been able to slaughter more people than just that one soldier.

    As for the individual soldier in question - he was hit by a car unexpectedly first. How soon do you suppose he could have reacted to draw his gun?

    "Criminals will obtain guns illegally regardless of laws idiot" - you might have a point, except these criminals didn't have a gun....

    I'm struggling to work out whether you're putting forward such a weak argument in order to make the pro-gun lobby look bad, or if you really are that stupid.

    ETA: @Filthy James. I stand corrected. One did have a revolver. Didn't use it, although perhaps if a member of the public had started shooting there would have been more casualties.

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    First of all you should get your facts right. The murderers spoke English with an English accent. They are not African. They veered off the road in a car to chase the soldier, leapt out and attacked him with a machete. There was no time for anybody to act. One British woman jumped off a bus and ran to see if the soldier had a pulse, whether anything could be done. She also talked to one of the murderers. There was also another British woman at the scene who tried to help.

    So you can keep your spineless idiots comment for yourself. I doubt very much whether YOU would have had the courage to do what those women did, without hiding behind a gun.

    Guns are not the panacea to all the woes of the world. The opposite. The USA has a murder rate 4 times that of the UK, so to say that the UK is backwards is ridiculous - it is, in fact, much more civilised.

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    Don't you realise that if innocent people have easier access to guns then it means evil people do to? It wouldn't have been a machete attack, it would have been a gun attack. Murderers use whatever weapons they can get their hands on, if carrying a gun was not illegal in the UK then more people would have been murdered during the attack, it's easier to kill someone with a gun than with a knife.

    [addition] Then if it's so easy for criminals to get a gun why didn't they have a couple? They could have done more damage. The answer is because thanks to the anti-gun laws guns aren't so easy to come by here in England, in fact it's near to impossible, even illegally.

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    That's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. It seems that there's a backward country across the Atlantic where lunatics go to schools with assault rifles and shoot Innocent people. Does the average soldier in the USA walk around New York city armed with their service rifle? There's lunatics everywhere.

    Are you Americans spineless idiots too? It seems that it takes a while to put a stop to it when lunatics start shooting people in the USA. People just run for cover.

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    Exactly what i was thinking. If someone had a gun they could have been shot down straight away, i also think there are obviously people who shouldn't be near guns (mentally unstable people). I live near woolwich and i repeatedly get started on my black people because of the colour of my skin. I am so pale, pure white and because i am they think i am a racist- which i am not, i have many friends who come from different ethnic backgrounds, but they just assume. Its usually when im on my own, i get men shouting in my face, pushing me about, swearing at me, threats to rape me etc. I obviously cannot say or do anything back as im worried what might happen, if they have a knife on them or whatever. Yet if i was to do what they do to me, i would most likely get arrested, and i'm not allowed to carry a knife either. I mean the system is just fucked up. and the fact that no one tried to stop them, anyone could grab a knife and stab them? or chuck knives at them, i mean someone in that area must of had a gun, its woolwich?!? why did everyone just stand there gawping and filming it??

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    Your country (and why are you registered on the UK Yahoo! site if you aren't British?) doesn't get it. Make guns almost totally illegal, as we do, and criminals find it equally difficult to get hold of them. It gives us a far lower murder rate than the USA. This was a one-off and of course you can't stop crime completely - but we do far better at it than the USA does. Why else does the USA have the highest imprisonment rate in the world?

    I am reporting your question for abuse as you have contravened the community guidelines by insulting the entire UK.

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    The USA has a population 5 times that of the UK, so bearing that in mind let me give you a few facts.

    So far this year 2013, 5 police officers have died in the UK while on duty, three in road traffic accidents, two collapsed and died, one from a heart attack the other from unknown cause, not a single death as a result of death by a criminal with any type of weapon.

    In the USA so far this year 17 police officers have died from weapons, 16 murdered with guns, 1 with a knife.

    Lets take another year 2012, a bad year for British police officers, three were murdered all as a result of guns, although one incident which killed two police officers included the use of hand grenades.

    Now in the USA for 2012, 49 police officers died from gunshot wounds, 2 were accidental, 5 were stabbed and one died as the result of an assault, that makes a total murdered with weapons of 54 police officers.

    The last time we had a gun attack in one of our schools was in 1996, 17 years ago when 16 children died, we learnt from that and our gun control laws were tightened. Since this time in the US over 260 children have died from gun attacks in schools.

    No argument you use can justify your lack of gun control, using the tragic death of this young soldier just shows how low you are willing to sink in order to attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

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    The attack happened in broad day light, in the middle of a busy street, if people started shooting their legally owned guns at these murderers, we would be looking at more than one death...

    Our gun laws are working pretty good, one of the lowest gun homicide rates in the west, if not the world, can the US say the same...

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    7 years ago

    whoah hold on - terrorists are just that and will use any weapons biological etc. in that sense they are just like a tornado - No one can defend themselves against an attack by someone determined to do you harm no matter the consequences to themselves but I would never want to see us armed to the teeth like the U.S. your murder count per head of population is 39.2 ours is 1.2 so I think our system works better than yours - maybe you should be looking at the foibles of people of faith.

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    If you want to talk about backword countries then I suggest you start with ones that still have the death penalty, Guantanamo Bay and torture people. You sound like a typical redneck, all brawn and no brain.

    You all speak of the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet you are none of them. If you think it makes you brave or free to carry a firearm then I suggest you think again as it's quite the opposite.

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