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Who knows what Stargate SG1 is? if you Do you rock.?

If you know name name all the acters an the charter last name and wicht ones are alines, ill say jonas tho every one forgets him, seson one-ten

Smart bloned and her dad has a tokra named salmak in him:

Gray hair has a crush on the smart bloned, acts like hes dumb:

Has a aline in him used to be a slave for a gogled:

is a dr of arcyalagy and his wife die in a coouple of sesons, then likes a black haired aline:

(this one is hard) is one of the leaters of sg1 in the last seasons and has brown hair:

Used to be a holt to a gogled and i pretty and likes dr.......... and is the black haired aline:

now name the acters and the charter.

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    Character (actor):

    1. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), the dad: Jacob Carter (Carmen Argenziano; btw: Selmak, Tok'ra)

    2. Jack O'Neill (two Ls) (Richard Dean Anderson)

    3. Teal'c (which means "strength"; alien) (Christopher Judge)

    4. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks); wife: Sha're (alien) (Vaitiare Bandera); later love interest: Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black)

    5. I assume you mean Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) but Hank Landry (Beau Bridges) would also fit. (They both lead (Landry - the entire SGC, Mitchell - SG-1) and have brown hair.)

    6. Vala Mal Doran (alien) (Claudia Black)

    Could have included Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) in the quiz, too...

    And what about Robert Makepeace (Steve Makaj) who was the (temporary) leader of Sg-1?

    And two-hour member Mathison? Or Hagman?

    What about Alternate realities?

    Try more difficult trivia next time. ^_~


    Name three medical doctors that worked in the SGC...

    -> Dr. Warner (Kevin McNulty), Dr. Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), Dr. Lam (Lexa Doig)...

    Name four members of other Sg-teams:

    -> Balinsky (Sg-13), Kawalsy (Sg-2), Reynolds (Sg-3), Dixon (Sg-13)


    The hardest thing about this was actually deciphering what you wrote...

    Your spelling is terrible!

    (E.g.: gogled - Goa'uld; arcyalagy - archeology; charter - character; aline - alien)

    Source(s): Obviously a Stargate nerd...
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    merely observed one at the instant, approximately numerous bugs and SG1 is trapped with Woolsey and a few others interior the international. yet i think of while the SciFi channel runs a marathon, they surprisingly plenty conceal Stargate, it particularly is while they run a topic marathon that i think of they seem the comparable.

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