How do i deal with a moody pregnant friend?

So my friend is about 5 in a half months pregnant and i sware she's crazy haha! Her boyfriend works at night on the weekends, so me being the caring friend that I am, I go over there at night to help her with daily household tasks and make sure everything is okay.

But one night i was over there and we were watching t.v. on the couch and everything was good, we were laughing, cracking jokes (i said nothing about her being pregnant because i know that can be a sensitive subject to pregnant women), doing things best friends do. Then like 5 minutes later she jumps up crying, storms in her and her boyfriends, and slams the door...... I on the other hand was soooo confused my mouth dropped open and i didn't understand what was going on. So i went to the bedroom for her to open it. I kid you not it took like an hour for her to open the freaking door. I'm sitting on the floor thinking "Dude, why am i going through this, where is your boyfriend/fiance" I was very patient with her I didn't want to get angry or anything.


After she opened the door she told me how fat and ugly she felt and how she doesn't understand how her boyfriend loves her so much, and how she doesn't get how I'm still friends with her and go out in public with her.... long story short i gave her some encouraging words and literally 3 minutes later she was happy again. I was so confused lol.

Men who deal with emotional pregnant women, i feel bad for you, and now i somewhat understand how hard it is for you hahaha!

My question is why was she so moody? It was like she suffered a short bipolar disorder. Did i do the right things? What could i do next time if this happens?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Pregnancy hormones. Got a LOT of them during pregnancy. Thus the mood swings.

    All you can really do is give them space. If they wanna talk,they'll talk about whatever it is bothering them.

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