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tattoo in memory of my baby?

I lost my baby at 14 weeks.. it broke me & my boyfriend completely and weve struggled through these few months whilst we both start to deal with it. We both want a meaningful tattoo for our little angel, but is it a silly idea to have a tattoo of a baby we lost so early? i wanted the date we lost it in roman numerals under my left boob (so its close to my heart) but im not sure if i should? we didnt have a name as we didnt know the sex which makes it harder :( is it a silly idea & if not any ideas on what we could get?

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    I don't see anything wrong with that. Tattoo's are so much better when they mean something for the person with them instead of just random,drunken night tattoos.

    Honestly for me,I'd probably get like baby feet or hand print looking tattoo and then dates. If you wanted to go further you could even name your child. If you don't know the gender,just use a unixsex name.

  • No, its not silly at all! That was your baby and 14 weeks doesnt change that or make it less devastating. I think that sounds like a nice tattoo. If it doesnt feel quite right you might want to think of getting something symbolic instead. Like a flower, a type of butterfly or an animal that has a deeper meaning. For example the flower Anemone means "Unfading Love" and its beautiful too. A lot of times I find things like that capture more than a date does it captures the emotions too. The Serch Bythol (you can search that in google images) is a celtic knot that also means undying love. There are many different beautiful ways to represent your child. Im sorry for your loss. Good luck!

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    Sweetie - that is SO BEAUTIFUL! And don't listen to anyone that told you that tattoos are trashy. I agree that some women or men seem to have too many and it can make all of the tattoos loose meaning etc, and CAN look trashy but not knowing you and what you have already - you can't say that getting one tattoo will make you look trashy. My sister would NEVER get a tattoo on herself but she NEVER thinks I look trashy with my two as mine tasteful and have a deep personal reason behind them. For example, I have a beautiful detailed celtic cross on my lower back to represent my celtic heritage, and the L in the center is the initial for my twin sister's first name. That angel is beautiful and having lost a baby myself, I can understand why you would want to record it in a tattoo. Another lady here mentioned that maybe you might get a lot of questions about it if you put it behind your neck for all to see - so I agree that that is one thing you should think about before putting it there above all other parts of your body. DO you want to be asked all the time what the tattoo means? If you don't mind talking about your baby then go ahead, but if you don't think you could bring it up all the time, maybe a shoulder or lower back, under belly button etc is best. Just something for you to think about! I say go for the tattoo - but just think about how visable you want it to be once it is done for your grieving process and future questions.

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    No i don'tt think its silly I think its a very good idea. I have lost 3 babies one at 10 one at 13 and one at 12 and at that stage i see them as babies. I think you should do what your heart tells you. And having it where you said you was is a lovely idea too because only you and your partner will be able to see it :) x

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    You totally should!! It is completely your choice, but if I ever lost a child I would want to remember them in the best way!! My mother miscarried twice, and has two angel wings on her back with names and due dates!!So I say yes!

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    Go ahead. Nothing silly about it. It means something and always will. Ideas: Little heart with the date inside, pair of little angel wings with the date underneath, three inter-twined little hearts (one for each of you). Sorry for your loss.

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    I don't think tattoos are cool or meaningful. They're for white trash with poor memories.

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