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Why do these extremist do this!?

Its really annoying why do they do that?? The incident that happened in london.

I'm a muslim and I would never do stuff like this, now the whole country is against 'muslims'. Why do they do stuff like this?

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    I hear that some EDL guys broke some glass in some mosque an threw in an "explosive" device.

    Soon, UK is going to turn into another arena like Myanmar where the Troops got fed up and started to slaughter the Muslims who did similar things there.

    Once the British Military lose their shirts, thanks to the Muslims killing their men in broad daylight, then, the UK Government will see real slaughter and the Muslims will begin to learn their lessons there. The Muslims have gone too far with this one, now.


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    7 years ago

    That's a bit sweeping, the whole country isn't against Muslims. But what pisses people off is Muslims saying what about all the people British soldiers kill? As the an Iman said on the news earlier, if you don't like England then surrender your passport and leave.

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    I think maybe its because they know that the muslims in iraq, syria, iran, afghanistan, egypt, indonesia, burma, mali, palastine, gaza, everywhere basically are dying by the 1000's each day and they have no idea how to deal with these feelings of upset and hurt.

    Not that im condoning the event, but its funny how there is not a single muslim man named as a "victim" when they are dying by the second but this guy who was killed in the UK was named within hours and all these comments about loving father, loving brother. I would ask where are the comments of the muslims families but then again they are probably dead aswell :), or maybe they've been tortured so much their bodies are so swollen and bloody that they cannot even feel their fingers to dial into BBC...or maybe they are standing up to our "brave soldiers" after having watched them blow bullets into their childrens heads and now about to watch them blow them into their own heads...yes..yes that is it.

    We are living in a society where by giving the title "soldier" it is now justifiable to kill millions of people. Not just men, but children and women too. This world is coming to an end.

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    Allah will punish them....

    I honestly think it's the government, I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything( e.g. i don't really believe in illuminati) but they're tryna make Muslims look bad cos it's the fastest growing religion---that's my theory...And never should you take innocent lives, never.

    Wahabbis are usually the extremists anywayy....not my sect

    Source(s): Extremists are at the top of my sh!t list
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    Simply, your Qu'an gives them justification to do it. As Islam lacks a central authority or even a training system for Imams like Christianity has for priests you let crazy people have religious authority to say hey we should do this a it is a good idea.

    Simply put walk to your local Imam hate preacher and you and a large group of mates get filmed telling him to **** off and stop talking crazy **** and maybe you can claim to be a religion of peace and progressive ideals.

    So if you want a good image them get your house in order both in the West and in Muslim countries and stop being oversensitive while we need to stop molly codling you just in case we offend when it is our country, our values so tough luck extremists if you don't ike what we do then go to Saudi.

    Basically deport Muslim nutters to a country they like and maybe you will have a better image in this country. While Muslim countries can deport our nutters back.

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    Muslims want to be respected like anyone else, but the truth is that in western countries they are hated.

    Where I live in the UK I don't know a single person who can say something positive about Muslims.

    With recent events the EDL and UKIP will gain more power in the UK and make life difficult for Muslims that choose to be problematic.

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    Because extremists suck. I'm a Christian, but I know that we were just like that way back when. Remember the Crusades.

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    7 years ago


    Deal with them like the Chinese do.

    They not only not protest against China but lick their boots.

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    7 years ago

    Whoever did this will get punished. I'm a muslim and no this is not allowed in Islam. I just wish the non Muslims who go on a spree shooting people , should also be named Terrorists

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    Salam These extremists do that because they are stupid and they made wrong interpretation of jihad which is stated in the Qur'an They made a slight dirty into the cup of milk so there is no a person who wants to drink it.

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