Are Afro Colombians treated differently in Colombia?

Moreover, how are Afro Latinos treated in all of South America (Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.)? Not to generalize, but I can imagine how the minority is treated differently in all countries. I also am familar with racism in Brazil (from what I've heard). But not only in terms of racist attitudes, are black communities being treated as equals period? Essentially, are they considered inferior, or "beneath" White South-Americans?

Please feel free to share any personal experiences you may have had. Is there disdain towards Black communities in many South American countries? Prejudice? Lol, please elaborate on as much as you can!

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    7 years ago
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    I'm not sure about Colombia or other places except Brazil. Brazil claims to be a racial democracy, because unlike the United States, they never had Jim Crow laws, legally forced segregation, lynching, anti miscegenation laws or any of those other crazy things. However, they have obvious racial problems and they kind of ignore them for the most part. Most of the "Blacks" which are the darker ones who don't have any mixtures and can't fall into another category (there are a ton of different racial categories in brazil), are poor and living in the favelas. Mainly out of the state of Bahia. The closer you get to White, the higher class you are seen in many ways, because Whites are most of the wealthier people with better jobs and everything. Most of Brazil consists of mixed race people, but they hold their prejudices towards darker Blacks in ways many African Americans talk badly about being dark skinned too. It's sad. It's similar in some ways because of the history of slavery.

    I'm not sure, but I think places like Belize, Guyana, Panama and a few others have more subtle pride in being Black and they don't try to deny it because it's more obvious. Colombia has an afro population, but Argentina absorbed their Black population so it's almost non existent these days.

  • 3 years ago

    i don't think of it is an rather effective question because of the fact which you're conversing approximately hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the time of a great bypass area area of society. there is not any one familiar way that blacks react to latinos or that latinos react to blacks. possibly alot of racist human beings congregate on the information superhighway, like in this communicate board, yet rather, I surely have had not something yet good reviews with Latinos interior the genuine worldwide. I surely have had many immigrant workers and have very costly close own friends from Latin u.s.. not something rude or racist mentioned by skill of all of us in those boards will replace my opinion of the numerous Latinos i understand and appreciate.

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