Why not Diesel Electric cars?

It just seems that vehicle manufacturers should be giving us all viable options and a Diesel electric car would give out a better mpg.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I like the idea of a diesel electric hybrid. GM made diesel electric hybrid locomotives in its electromotive division from 1930 to 2005 when it started work on the Volt and wanted to bring it out as something totally new.

    Diesel engines have a lot going for them. They last longer, they are heavier to withstand the extra pressure and more durable. You could run bio-diesel in a diesel engine. They are more efficient and get better mileage. They are very good at constantly running at one speed and so as a motor for a generator to drive the electrics of the car. A longer life may compliment the expected longer life of an electric car.

    But they are not quite as user friendly. There are more cold weather issues. They are heavier and we will already have heavy batteries in an Electric car. Although they last longer the diesel usually requires more maintenance with filters and fluids. Generally a diesel engine is going to cost more than an petrol powered version. With batteries already costly the diesel is not as good a compliment from a manufacturers perspective.

    Especially it seems from US manufacturers as we do have European diesel electric hybrids. Here is a comparison of some models: http://www.carsdirect.com/green-cars/the-best-dies...

  • John W
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    7 years ago

    Good question, trains are actually diesel electric hybrids. However a diesel engine already has good low end torque so a diesel hybrid would be less of an improvement over a diesel car than a gasoline hybrid would be over a gasoline car and therefore it would be more difficult to convince people a diesel electric is worth the money.

  • 7 years ago

    Not necessarily. Large systems (like trains, some ships and some mining equipment) uses diesel electric. For small systems (like in a car), a gearbox is more efficient overall - and has other advantages, like responsiveness to the gas pedal.

    Eventually, it boils down to loading the diesel correctly on one side and getting the power/torque to the (road, track, rail, water) on the other side.

  • blute
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    4 years ago

    electric autos are lots cleanser for countless motives. right this is why coal does not count: * electricity isn't made usually from coal, no count how many cases you could desire to study this. in simple terms some 0.33 of electricity continues to be made out of coal interior the US (see components below.) the share has been progressively reducing for years. something of the electrical powered potential comes from organic gasoline, hydro, wind, photograph voltaic, nuclear etc (oil isn't used anymore to make electricity, that is too costly.) All of those different components are lots, lots cleanser than petroleum. * Coal potential is "baseload". Coal electricity flowers can not alter rapidly adequate to hint changing plenty, so that they are designed to run at a hundred% output each and all the time. As electric call for differences in the process the day, different forms of flowers initiate and end - the coal electricity continues to be secure. So plugging in electric autos does not substitute the quantity of coal pollutants - for the reason which you could no longer run a plant extra durable than a hundred%. * gasoline desires electricity, too. extensive quantities of electricity, and different fossil gasoline, is used in the process the very potential-extensive refining technique that turns oil into gasoline. It takes extra potential in simple terms to MAKE gasoline, mile for mile, than electric autos use. electric autos in simple terms want electricity - gasoline autos want the two electricity and petroleum.

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