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Elektra vs Ada wong, who would win in hand to hand combat?

okay now i know this one is tough but consider their real features and attributes oh and i mean resident evil 6 ada wong and dont state anything unless you have real facts, like ada wong gets caught. um not really and if she does, dosent she always escape, um thats why shes called an escapist lol

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Ada Wong would probably lose, because she isn't very good in fighting (well, let's not take into account the fight from Damnation).

    She usually creates diversions that allow her to escape:

    In RE2, she is almost shot by Anette (Leon takes the bullet for her), is badly wounded by a G mutant, and barely survives a fight with the Tyrant.

    In RE4, Leon easily disarms her, and she uses a flash to confuse him while she uses the grapplegun to escape. She also gets captured by Bitores Mendez and Osmond Saddler.

    In RE6, her biggest accomplishments are escaping from a sinking submarine (due to her agility and speed, not combat skills), a heavily infested ship, and manages to hold off Simmons while Leon and Helena climb the Quad Tower (although she does get unconscious at a point).

    Ada is smart and makes good use of her gadgets, but in a combat situation with no possible escape or estrategic tools, she wouldn't be very lucky.

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  • 4 years ago

    Ada has mastered 7 different martial arts styles.. Is considered the deadliest assassin on earth.... Has fought tyrants and b.o.w's while in a terrible condition .... Extremely smart (assassin wise) she not going to sit there like a sitting goose.... Has great stealth as well..and is proficient in many weapons .... Performs stunts that even the finest athletes considered risky to do .. Took a punch from a the tyrant from re2 and survived .... Betrayed one of the most dangerous men alive (Wesker) and is still living and wrestle with b.o.w's as well

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  • Adam
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Elektra, hands down.

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