How do I tell my parents I have changed my mind?

So this all has to do with my college major decision. For several years now I have wanted to be a lawyer. I have always loved politics and law would be the perfect stepping stone to enter politics someday. Recently, I have been basically handed a position on Moot Court, which is a mock argument in front of judges at the college I will be attending this fall. I just graduated highschool and I thought I had everything planned out. However, I have come to the realization, I don't want to be a lawyer, I was just going to use that as a stepping stone. I want to really make a difference in this world and inspire people! I'm a devout Christian so that plays a major role in my decision. I feel like I could make the greatest impact in this world by becoming a motivational speaker. I was going to double major in Political Science and English, yet now, I want to double major in maybe English and Psychology or Communications and English. Should I wait until I have been in college an entire year to make sure I want to change my major? Or should I go ahead and take a 180 in my career decision right now?

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    "There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death."

    And merging Christianity (Christ following) with Psychology is one of those (ways which only lead to death).

    Christianity and Psychology do NOT mix. Those who hold both ologies in one mind are double-minded at best and the Bible says "a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways."

    Chose a God, chose which One you will serve, the "wisdom" of man or the wisdom of God. One or the other.


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    I think that you should continue to do your research on what you truly want to do. During your first semester in college, speak to students, advisors, and professors in both fields. It is not until your second or third year of college that you usually begin to take course that are solely for your major; so you still have ample time. If you feel as if you are certain that this is the path for you, then go ahead and tell your parents. When speaking to them, let them know that you have taken your time to come to this conclusion, you've done a lot of research, and this is were your passion is. Let them know what you plan to do with your degree, why you are so passionate about it, and why you prefer this path versus the other.

    I wish you all the best with the talk and your future endeavors!

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    Every option you listed in your question will result in your graduation from college without any tangible work opportunities.

    Law is a grossly overpopulated profession. Only about one-third of law graduates end up working as lawyers.

    Political Science does not prepare you for a job - unless you want to become an "activist," for which there are few career opportunities.

    English is worthless. Who cares if you are an expert in Shakespeare?

    Psychology is only useful if you get at least a masters degree in it. A few people with bachelors degrees in Psychology get jobs in the Human Resources area; but you will need to take a bunch of Business courses to be marketable.

    Communications might be useful if you wish to work in Advertising or Public Relations.

    There are few motivational speakers who make enough money to be successful. If you are going to go into the TV preacher or "Praise the Lord" track, only a handful of those people can be successful unless they are ordained ministers.

    It's nice to be an idealist, but even idealists need to eat.

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    Tell you what, go undeclared for two years, and get your general education requirements out of the way. To further balance your schedule, take coursework in the above areas you mentioned.

    Let me give it to you straight, since I hear this ALL THE TIME, do NOT, plan your LIFE as soon as you are graduated from HIGH SCHOOL.

    Source(s): I am a director of academic advisement.
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    To be a motivational speaker, or a successful one anyway, you need to have had something happen to you... be it some obstacle or what not. Nobody goes to see some person speak who didnt do anything special. Especially someone whose biggest issues are worrying about gaining weight when he is 140 lbs and getting ditched at prom by a girl he asked 50 questions on YahooAnswers about:;_ylt=ArqPd...;_ylt=AmQAk...

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