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Martial arts film and tony jaa?

Are the bodygaurds movies worth watching, how is te fight choreography? Any good?

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    I only saw the first Bodyguard movie. Tony Jaa only makes a guest appearance.

    If you've seen Tom Yum Goong, you'd remember a side character who was a Thai police officer. I think he is the same guy who played Tony Jaa's cousin in the first Ong Bak. That guy is the lead character in the Bodyguard movie. So no, you won't get the action that you might be expecting.

    The movie is a comedy. The fights are meant to be fun, not well crafted.

    Sometimes you may have a good laugh. It's not a a great movie but somewhat entertaining. I did not have to quit halfway. But in the end, I won't recommend it as worth watching.

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  • Lorien
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    4 years ago

    Excellent martial arts films to watch are.... KILL BILL volume 1 and 2 Part comic strip and lots of blood. Also Last Samurai brilliant to watch. All well worth watching.

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  • 7 years ago

    They are pretty decent. However, I do not know the story mostly because my dvd was a bootleg with no subs..oh well.

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