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Why do so many sports fans end up with hurt feelings, to the point where they hate a "player"?

I'm generalizing this question and tossing it in the NASCAR section.

I never knew fans of motorsports had their feelings hurt by motorsports until I came into Yahoo Answers. I don't understand why spectators could dislike the guys they go to see perform.

It makes me laugh when people express their dislike towards someone who is only creating the environment for their entertainment. With their anonymous identity, a lot of people look really small when they do that.

Not that it's a point of Yahoo Answers, but I judge a contributor by their size of the image they create in my mind. There are very few people who stand out among the typical internet user. I love the anonymity, but some people like Chicken George and Rick are so small I had to block them, because they creep me out.

Everytime I say I like all the drivers, I get thumbs down, and that's just people showing they have hurt feelings over my opinion!

Also i'm not into picking a favorite driver, for two reasons. One, i'm a man, and I find it hard to be committed to one woman less try to make a commitment to a dude. Two, I don't want to watch the competition with blinders on, and I get more enjoyment by embracing the sport as a whole. I like to keep an open mind. And it won't hurt my feelings.

Now what I want to know is:Why do so many sports fans end up with hurt feelings, to the point where they hate a "player"?


I'm not going to point out your shortcomings but here are the my comments to your answer. there's nothing for me to get over Grizzly Man. This is how we play when we come from the streets. I'm above the average, because I have unrelenting love and passion in my soul. And I hope CG & Rick feel like winners because it's probably all they have. Here's a quote from Pete that I copied from one of his answers, which is basically how I feel and what I was taught in life. "Why should anyone care about something they have no stake in?" I know the people here don't understand the intensity that I play with, and I have spent a lifetime searching for the calmness of what people like you have who can become bored and complacent. I guess it's a genetic thing for me, but i'm not ready, or willing to step down, watch the world go by and latch on to a feeling that will never progress into something positive, and only degrade my spirit. I guess I will succumb t

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    I like you Fluffy, you amuse me! So this below is not criticism, just a non professional "psychiatric" evaluation. As you so fondly call it "analyzing"!

    A; I have no feelings, just ask my x-wives. so nothing on here upsets me.

    B; You are a weird dude thats why people pick on you.

    C; Sports are Entertainment, getting all pumped up rooting for the Home team or your favorite driver is part of the deal.

    D; Theres a difference between a hater and a sports fan. I am a sports fan, I hate JJ but I also can admit he is really good.

    A hater Hates and their mind is fogged up, they cannot see the good just the hate! These people I avoid at Sporting events because they are looking for trouble.

    E; This is the internet man, everyone is anonymous and that makes the hate 3 fold. On the internet people who have no guts become haters. CG and Rick are harmless they just are posers looking for a reaction. They are not "real Haters".

    F; This is how I know you are a Woman! You freakin over analyze everything Dude!

    G; Reason #2 I think you are a Woman, This Y/A it is supposed to be fun and relaxing, Enjoy it dude roll with the punches. Blocking CG and Rick just means you lost they won!

    H; Reason #3 I think you are a Woman, I am a dude and I have no hang ups cheering or looking up to another man because I am secure with my sexuality. It appears you have some issues with that. If this is the case don't ever go hunting! Because at hunting camp you sometimes have to share sleeping quarters with anyother man. In the outhouse you even poop sitting right next to another man. It becomes a contest as sorts between us Men as to who can poop the loudest and stinkiest! It is great fun!

    I; I Chew, Drink, enjoy motorsports and have been called a Redneck more times than I can count. You know what? I am a Redneck! No hang ups about it!

    J; Having a good sense of humor makes life good! You need to work on that.

    K; Did I mention I despise JJ?

    L; I am a sportman too, I enjoy nature and all it has to offer, I no longer support JR because of him endorsing coal! Real men stand up to real life issues, Y/A is not real life issues! Get over it Man!

    M; I am bored now, Have a great day Fluffy!

    Source(s): No offense just saying!
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    Simple answer. Sport is competition. There are winners and losers. So fans (Fan is the root word of fanatical) have a rooting interest. There is an athlete or team they want to win, and an athlete or team they want to lose. Period. And in most cases, the word "hate" isn't meant literally. I hate the New England Patriots which means nothing more than to see them lose every game. I would have zero interest in watching or attending any sporting event where I'm not heavily pulling for one team or another. You call sports entertainment - well the entertainment for most is the competition and competition is about winning and losing. The way you see it, we might as well just let the 43 cars drive really fast around the track like practice.

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  • 7 years ago

    Some of the drivers/teams/players involved just don't come across as likeable to people for whatever reason. Or sometimes people just don't like It isn't about getting hurt feelings so much as just not liking someone.

    I don't really care if someone has a favorite driver or not, but it's hard to believe there are certain drivers who just don't rub you the wrong way for some reason.

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  • 7 years ago

    Hating of a player or a team is a waste of time and juvenile.

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