what is a a good online university to learn web development from?

i graduated from university in august 2011 and i have a degree in computer science. after that i read html and css on my own and i got a job and was put in charge of the company site. i then took a course in an institute here and i learnt html, html5, css, css3, javascript, php and mysql. the course ended i can program in, but the problem is the institute was crappy and i wasnt taught everything properly

i want to take these languages again in a proper online university and get some degree for completing them. i dont want to extra things in the program and i only want to learn what i need. i found curriculums in online universities but they are very expensive and they contain a lot of extra things that i dont need. i need a custom made course to suit my needs

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    8 years ago
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    You don't need an online university to get good training in web development. You also don't need any kind of formal certification either. You already have the degree in computer science. You only need to demonstrate to any future employer or client that you can do the work. If you're more comfortable with formal college classes, check out what your local community colleges have to offer. Universities are for theory. Community colleges are for nuts-and-bolts technical production skills.

    Or if you are disciplined to learn on your own, Lynda.com is a good site for training. So are the collection of Tuts+ sites. Monthly subscriptions are affordable and you get access to everything you could ever imagine.

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    There are three great online universities that offer programming.

    Look at this article: http://incomobi.com/computer/online-schools-the-ne...

    It is about these online universities, go to their webpages and look at the list of offered courses.

    The courses in these online universities are FREE and from top schools like Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, etc.

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    It sounds like you have your work cut out for you! I would suggest taking MOOC classes that are specifically about what you want to learn or discussing what each class offers with school counselors so you aren't wasting your time on classes you don't need.

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