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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 7 years ago

1 composition! fast!20 points!

composition topic:

Doing a class project

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    Doing a class project

    ‘’Boys and girls, you are going to do a science project on whatever topic you like in groups.’’ My science teacher told the class.

    Hearing that, I asked my friend Ashley who had already been doing all group projects with me since we entered this school ‘’Oh dear, what topic should we do?’’

    ‘’Mmm,’’ Ashley thought a while ‘’How about the pot plants at my home?’’

    ‘’Okay, but what can we do with them?’’

    Ashley took out a science magazine and flipped to one page showing a big oak tree ‘’See, we can do an experiment about photosynthesis, the process in which plants make food using light and grow.’’

    ‘’Let me have a look,’’ I read the page and suddenly something popped up in my mind ‘’Hey, I have an idea. Should we investigate how different colours of light affect photosynthesis?’’

    ‘’It sounds interesting,’’ Ashley nodded ‘’Let’s do it. We may discuss the details after school later.’’


    Then, Ashley and I had a discussion after school. We decided that we would use four pot plants of same kind, each covered with red, green, blue and transparent glass paper respectively and exposed under sunlight to produce light of different colours for the plants. We would measure the effect from the growth of the plants daily for a month.

    That weekend, we gathered the materials needed and set up the things at Ashley’s home. In the weeks following, I went to Ashley’s home every day to measure the plants.

    Initially, all the plants were of the same height and growing about the same. But after 12 days, something amazing happened: the plants began to grow at different rates – the plant covered with transparent glass paper grew fastest whereas the plant covered with green glass paper grew slowest. At the end of the month, the results were even more obvious. The plant with covered with transparent glass paper grew very tall and looked healthy, while the plant covered with green glass paper grew little and looked weak.


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    When I saw the final results, I was so surprised because I had never expected them. It was the first time I felt the wonder of nature and had a serious thought of protecting our environment, since I realized that our environment could be easily affected by things as little as what we did in the expe

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    Ashley and I then looked for the explanations of our results. We searched the Internet and read many reference books in the library. As we had not learned about photosynthesis at that time, we spent lots of time to understand it. The process was wearing, but we really enjoyed ourselves in g

    2013-05-24 05:05:13 補充:

    aining new knowledge. Finally, we managed to write up our report explaining our results and submitted it to our science teacher.

    Finally, a week later, our science teacher graded and returned the reports. Ashley and I were so anxious because all the things in the report were completely new to us –

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    we were worried of doing it badly.

    When we got our report, we widened our eyes because we got an A+. I murmured ‘’Am I dreaming?’’

    Then our science teacher praised us in front of the class ‘’Ashley and Macy have done a great job. Their topic is beyond the syllabus and they demonstrated the spirit

    2013-05-24 05:05:51 補充:

    of a scientist. Well done!’’

    That moment just after we were praised, I decided that I would be a scientist in the future, specializing in ecology in the future, admiring the beauty of nature, discovering new knowledge and promoting environmental protection. I would study hard from then on to pursu

    2013-05-24 05:06:29 補充:

    e my dream.

    (606 words)

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    specializing in ecology (in the future)

    (Finally,) a week later, our science teacher

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  • 7 years ago

    Do it yourself but i can give u some suggestions

    U can write that u learn how to cooperate with classmates, enrich your friendship, we encourage each other....

    U are so pround of yourselve that i can finish a project

    Source(s): myself
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