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Hongkongers have now blithely admitted they can easily leave their earthly (塵世的) worries behind and be amused. By what? Not a day out with their family or a Hollywood blockbuster, but the sight of a gigantic plastic duck moving in our direction.

Created by Dutch artist Florentijn Holfman, “Rubber Duck” has grabbed the city’s attention since it was sighted at a Tsing Yi dock last late month. It is now bobbing up and down in the water just off Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui and will remain in our city until June 9.


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    近期有什麼能令所以香港市民拋開塵世的煩憂,渡過開心快樂的一天呢?不是和家人外出玩樂或看一套荷里活猛片,而是一睹朝著大家漂浮過來的一隻巨形塑膠鴨。這隻由荷蘭藝術家Florentijn Holfman創作的橡膠鴨,自上月尾在青衣船塢被初次報導時,已完全抓緊全城注意力,它現正於尖沙咀海港城對出的海面上載浮載沈地展出,並會在香港展示至6月9日。

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    由荷蘭藝術家Florentijn Holfman創建,“橡皮鴨”已抓住了城市的注意,因為它在月末時在青衣碼頭被看見了。現在就在尖沙咀海港城水中上下漂泊,並會繼續在我們的城市直至6月9日。

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