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英文total failure

where you locate a bookstoreis really absolutely critical .

there is a cosmopolitan crowd around this area.if you stuck this in the middle

of the would be a total failure

stuck this是啥意思?

total failure是失敗嗎?

cosmopolitan crowd around this area是指附近有國際的人群?還是應該怎麼翻?




let's go the cafe over a cup of coffee.

over a cup of coffee是喝一杯咖啡的意思嗎

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    Where you locate a bookstore is really absolutely critical .

    There is a cosmopolitan crowd around this area. If you stuck this in the middle of the country, it would be a total failure.

    書店開在什麼地方是絕絕對對、非常重要的。 這附近有各色人等薈萃。 要是把這書店開在美國中部,那可就完全做不起來了。

    stuck this 是指 「開這間書店」。 this 指的是書店。 If you "stuck" this 字面意思是說你若是把這書店 「塞到」 美國中部去,涵意就是指若把書店 「開在」 美國中部。

    total failure 是 「大失敗」。這裡是說 「書店會開不起來」,不會有什麼人光顧,會是大失敗。

    cosmopolitan crowd 是指來自各地的人群聚集。 你這篇文章是講華盛頓特區的一個書店兼咖啡屋。華盛頓特區是美國首都,有來自世界各地的人,所以說這地區有 「各色人等」 薈萃。

    Let's go the cafe over a cup of coffee. 不是正確英語。 我們可以說:

    Let's go to the cafe and talk over a cup of coffee.


    over a cup of coffee 意思是 「桌上擺著一杯咖啡」,也就是邊喝咖啡,邊如何的意思。 talk over a cup of coffee 就是 「喝杯咖啡,聊聊天」。

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    問題是來自 Voice of America 的英語教學節目 《American Cafe》。 當天節目引言清楚說明:

    Hello everyone, my name is Jody ! And welcome to American Cafe! American Cafe is a place where you can improve your spoken English by meeting people who actually live and work in the United States. You're going to......

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    ...... learn a lot more than English. I promise.

    For today, Yang Chen and I spent our Sunday visiting a famous Washington D.C. hangout that's been a success here since 1976. It's called Kramer's Books & Afterwards Cafe.

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    stuck this是啥意思? 硬要放在。

    total failure是失敗嗎? 是,徹底失敗。

    cosmopolitan people 城市人。

    country people 鄉下人

    cosmopolitan crowd 城市人群。

    cosmopolitan crowd around this area 市區裡人來人往的地方。

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    很好,不知 LionEnglish 如何得知這兩句話是在講華盛頓特區?

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