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肯德基使用同為套餐式的價格組合方式,這種方法於速食業界發展於麥當勞進行套餐組合, 透過結合部分低成本高利潤的產品(薯條、飲料),結合成為bundle 產品,促使消費者在貪小便宜的心態下購買較原單樣購買的高價來的低價的產品組合,屬於標準的速食業訂價模式。


肯德基鎖定上班族以及高級學生族群,透過產品的口味以強烈吸引具有消費實力的族群對該產品產生忠誠度,同時透過不斷開發新式產品 (例如:蛋塔、雞肉捲、烤翅等),讓具有消費力的族群同時也對於產品開發重視的族群,可以有不斷推陳出新的產品可嘗試,保持對於產品的高度忠誠。


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    KFC has long been using the ''set meal approach'' to price its products. Such approach was first seen in the fast food industry when McDonald's began to offer set meals. Through combining products with high profit margin, like French fries and soft drinks, into one single bundle product, customers caring about small benefits were tempted to buy the food in bundle, despite that they actually paid more than necessary if they bought a-la-carte.

    Unlike McDonald's emphasis on bustle and convenience in choosing shop locations, KFC mainly adopts the ''town-core development'' approach in similar decisions. It sets up branches in places which is the centre of people's everyday life. In this way, KFC could eliminate the risk of setting up a lot of branches and occupy the spot with the highest number of potential customers for selling its products. This proves that the ''second-one philosophy'' could indeed hedge the cost of risk related to market development.

    KFC's main targets are the working class and the high spending students. It nurtures the loyalty of those with high purchasing power to itself using the unique taste of its products. At the same time, it keeps offering new products, such as egg tarts, chicken rolls and barbecued wings, to let those with high spending power and always seeking for new varieties have something new to try on, hence maintaining their high loyalty to the brand.

    Currently, KFC's main focus in marketing is creating slogans and special visual associations like ''You are an insider'', ''Salute to the insiders'' and ''This is not KFC''. Not only does it give customers the impression that KFC is not merely about spending and consuming, but it also sets up the energetic and creative image of KFC.

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    KFC using with for package type of price combination way, this method Yu fast food industry development Yu McDonald's for package combination, through combined part low cost high profit of products (potato article, and beverage), combined became bundle products, led consumers in corruption go after small gains you of mentality Xia purchase more original single sample purchase of high to of low price of products combination, belonging to standard of fast food industry set price mode.

    Location compared to McDonald's focus on lively or transport routes, KFC core development model of the main towns, aimed at established stores of the most essential part of the life, so can reduce the mass required to set up a risk and can grasp the most effective location for product sales with the crowd. Supporting the Dick philosophy use ' exemptions needed consumption risks associated with market development costs.

    KFC lock office workers and high students communities, through products of taste to strongly attract has consumption strength of communities on the products produced loyalty degrees, while through constantly development new products (such as: egg Tower, and chicken volume, and roast fin,), let has consumption force of communities while also for products development attention of communities, can has constantly innovation of products can tries to, keep for products of height loyalty.

    KFC currently established in the key product promotion using advertising slogans or special visual associative manner (for example: you true professional, paid tribute to one who is, this is not KFC, and so on) lets customers KFC is not just a product of consumption, as well as the establishment of a stressed the lively and creative image.

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