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A summary of the South Africa?

Can you give me a summary of South Africa? Thanks in advance

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  • Simon
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    7 years ago
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    South Africa is >1,200,000 sq kms, and has a population of <53Mil. It is divided approximately 80% black African, <10% mixed race ("coloured"), <10% white, 2% Indian, and .5% "other. It is by far the largest economy in Africa. It has variable climate zones and a variety of eco-system types. Its fauna and flora were, almost uniquely in Africa, well-protected during the 20th century. I emphasise to you that there are one or two exceptions to this fact, and to certain others below. Please refer to a good encyclopaedia for more precise details which cannot fit here.

    (See more encyclopaedic sources for details which cannot fit here) South Africa has the "highest levels" of schools, doctors, electricity, roads, telephone systems, port facilities, financial services, social grants to under-privileged, land-under-plough, irrigation of farmland, formal employment, potable water, sewerage, Original Equipment Manufacturing, oil refining, smelting, airports, railway lines, rolling stock, etc of any country in Africa. In sub-Saharan terms, you will find evidence in reliable academic publications of South Africa possessing more of the "utilities" listed above, than the rest put together. It is indeed a startling fact.

    It was discovered in the 1400s by the Portuguese and colonised by the Dutch in the 1600s over a limited portion of the southern regions up to the Great Fish River. At the Great Fish R. the first strong Bantu tribes were encountered. Previously the settlers had only met the scattered small tribes of aboriginal "Bushmen" (now called San & Khoi). It was annexed by Great Britain in the early 1800s, which continued up until the formation of a republic in 1961. In the interim the Dutch & French Huguenot settlers fled British rule of the Cape Colony, beyond the Fish River and inland, to the unknown hinterland, where vast gold and diamond deposits were found. The British promptly annexed those lands, too, amid much bitterness and subsequent strife - see Boer Wars of around 1900.

    The British freely exploited the resource wealth of the country, but it must not be overlooked that they built schools, roads, clinics, trade, telephone systems, electricity grids, massive dam and water-reticulation systems, and so on, resulting in a >ten-fold decrease in partum deaths, and more than doubling of life expectancy of the indigenous population, over about a 150 year period. That DOES NOT excuse the blatant injustice of colonisation, but it does dilute the fallacy of blaming colonisation for everything and giving it credit for nothing. So, a powerful colony was formed. But black people had little or no education and opportunity. It was effectively a status of servitude. That later came to be called APARTHEID by the white government. In early 1900s black resistance organisations were formed. Matters came to a head between the resistance organisations representing the oppressed black majority and the white-controlled state in the 1970s & '80s, when civil disobedience, strikes, a border-war, and international sanctions reached critical levels, and the whites capitulated, leading to universal suffrage and democratic elections, won convincingly by the African National Congress in 1994.

    Since then the A.N.C. has maintained popularity, winning all elections, and controlling most of the 9 provinces with one occasional exception (Western Cape).

    You should refer to internet, etc for descriptions of the country at present. Any detailed observation from me or anyone else is bound to be construed as tendentious. (One way or the other).

    Let it suffice to say that compelling evidence of massive government corruption has been revealed; rape, robbery, and murder are terribly high; and the government has routinely resorted to hiring independent consultants at municipal, provincial, and national levels, in order to deliver services. AIDS is epidemic (Dept of Health memoranda admit to levels as high as 40% amongst some groups such as pregnant mothers). Unemployment is high; perhaps as high as 35%. And the exchange rate of the currency, the "Rand", has suffered.

    However, we would do well to maintain a balanced perspective, here. South Africa remains a "healthy" society for the millions (possibly as many as 4Mil) of Zimbabwean, Nigerian, Somali, Congolese, and Mocambican, migrants who have entered South Africa in recent years.

    RSA has potable running water, whereas Nigeria, does not; electricity, whereas Congo has almost no grid; some employment; and the Rand currency has not suffered the 1000% depreciation of Zimbabwe's, plus SA has not witnessed the brutal civil war of Somalia, and so on.

    I hope that this was brief enough for you, without generalising too freely for your liking. You may find details of the simplified information I have given in any good encyclopaedia.

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  • 5 years ago

    South Africa has 11 official languages. I am from South Africa and the tourism here are really huge. Lots to see and definitely one of the most beautiful countries! Also, South Africa are quite famous for our Wild Life - We have the big five here, so going on a safari or something is quite an experience.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    South Africa the most culturally-diverse and rich lands. South Africa is a mixture of spectacular landscapes and rich wildlife

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  • 7 years ago

    Good climate, nice scenery, nice food. SA has foods like Ghost Pops, peanut butter bars, ready-made custard and caramel and caramel chocolates which you don't find in other countries. It also has crime, bad service, poor transport systems ( taxis only stop at certain spots and trains are cheap but dangerous ). Some shops don't restock often enough or lack important products, the staff will just tell you to "drive to another town" to get the product. Also sometimes staff can be rude, tourists have commented on this online.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Hot summers , Cool Winters. Barbecues and Meat. Surfing and WaterSkiing. Mansions and Shacks. Wealth is not distributed evenly. Wildlife and Safari's. Fruit and Wine. Cheap yet High Quality Shops.Clean

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Wikipedia has good articles. Its can be impartial as an alternative than the solutions you would get here from individual South Africans who carry their individual biases into their answers.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Its one of the most beautiful country on earth:) There is no place like it!

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