Can I have a solar battery charger hooked up to a battery at the same time as an inverter that is in use?

If I have a car battery, a solar battery charger, and an inverter, can I have them all hooked up at the same time to get very long lasting electricity, assuming of course that the item plugged into the inverter isn't drawing more than what the charger provides?

I'm thinking remote location set up for a time lapse camera using camera's DC in line, hooked to the inverter, hooked to the battery, which is in turn hooked to the solar panel for long lasting power so I can get several weeks of photos.

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    >Can I have a solar battery charger hooked up to a battery at the same time as an inverter that is in use?

    Sure, it's done all the time.

    But there are several potential problems with what you described:

    - If the output current of the solar panel is higher than the trickle charge limit of the battery, you need a charge controller between the panel and the battery.

    - car batteries are not designed for deep discharge service. Unless you're set up only uses a small % of the battery's capacity, you should look at using a deep discharge battery (unless you don't care if the battery gets trashed).

    Also car batteries are not designed to be back packed! They are full of liquid sulfuric acid.

    - An inverter uses power even when there is no load on it & the high voltage it produces is more likely to cause problems (even perhaps a fire hazard) if moisture gets into that area.

    Consider using a DC-DC converter instead of the inverter/power supply. Look for a converter sold for automotive use.

    This should reduce the power usage (smaller battery & solar panel needed) and avoid the potential problems of using high voltage for this application.

    Be sure to use a fuse between the battery and the converter.

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    There is nothing to prevent drawing from a battery

    while it's being charged, but if the load exceeds

    the charge rate the battery will be depleted.

    Be advised that the the battery's charging voltage

    will exceed it's nominal voltage. Check that this is

    within the inverter's input limit.

    The "camera's DC in line, hooked to the inverter" escapes me.

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