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Does baking soda whiten teeth ?

I want my teeth to be whitened and I heard baking soda helps. Is this true ? How long does it take?

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    The baking soda is used to help remove surface stains. So you don't have to brush hard. Just leave it on the teeth for a minute or two. Do this for a couple of days. You should see some results.

    You can get tooth whitening gel at the dollar store. It works pretty well at removing stains.

    Colgate has strips that are supposed to work well. cost about $50-60 dollars.

    Avoid chocolate, tea coffee colas that stain teeth. Use a straw when possible.

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    I also heard that baking soda whitens teeth by mixing it with your tooth paste but don't do this too much its only like twice a week.

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    Baking soda is the satisfactory! I do it always and i saw outcome after I began within the primary three days. However you ought to do it appropriately. Put toothpaste for your bursh and bursh ur enamel with it a bit except its all soapyish, then dip ur toothbrush in baking soda and brush for a full 2 MINUTES, Takes a very long time to brush those stains away. And doing this twice a day for 3 days then you'll have pearl white teeth!

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  • 7 years ago

    While baking soda can help to brighten and prevent discoloration of your teeth, it will not necessarily make your teeth a brilliant shade of white. You will probably need a whitening product that contains bleach for that.

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