5th time without an answer!! how do i tell if my friend is gay or not?

I have a friend who is 13 yrs old. Also has bad ADHD. Here are some things he does around me. Whenever we hang out he always sits next to me and sometimes really close. He also started to fight me for my phone which ended up with him on top of me on the couch being sexual but fully clothed. During this though he touched my penis and im pretty sure he is fully aware that he did. And then another time i needed help putting my socks on because they were wet and he sat on my lap and helped me put them on and was enjoying that a little too much. Also whenever we play video games he jokes about getting in the bed with him and said he wants to have sex in the bed. Another time in front of everyone he rolled up his pizza and acted like he was sucking on a penis. Also ib front of everyone i hit his butt like the football players all do. A few people started that crap about calling us gay. He just walked away and looked at me and grinned as he did but did not say anything. Another thing is he always say yolo swag. He wont tell me which meaning of swag he is saying. Urban Dictionary Definition is Secretly We Are Gay. So idk that one could be questionable i guess. Another thing that may help is once he started getting to know me better he told me he broke up with his girlfriend because he got bored with her. So yea these are most of what he has done. So is this puberty or his ADHD or is he definately gay? And I did have another friend that acted gay but it ended up just being puberty. Only thing his jokes were the same most of the time. With this other kid it just seems to be getting worse and worse. Please Help!!! Thanks!!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Have you tried asking him directly if he is?

  • 8 years ago

    Some are clearly gay at 13 but so many more are curious and even desire to have some forms of sexuality with others males. 80% or more did have sex with others males for that matter.

    At 13, the curiosity, the need to do something forbidden is huge. The sexual jokes are in the forbidden area, as well sexually teasing others.

    What about a gf at 13 ... just a way too look alike a pre-adult. It doesn't mean that he loves girls. In fact, the fear to be teased as being gay is forcing many young males to describe a girlfriend as being HIS gf but that is at a very low level.

    Somewhat you wish that he would be gay.

    I recommend to accept to do something more "deep" with him for the sake of the CURIOSITY. Doing it, both ... you will be in a better position to figure which sexual interest is the best for each other. Don't forget that at 13, most are more curious than serious when it comes the sexuality.

  • 4 years ago

    Wait except you consider higher about your self before you start popping out. You do not sound so strong emotionally about this. Do your dad and mom be aware of? Are they supportive? How about your siblings? As soon as your household is aware of and is at the back of you, then you can feel higher about telling others. In case you do 'whatever' to exhibit others you're homosexual, each person will be aware of. Is that what you wish to have right now? You still have 2 years of institution. Examine out a gay/straight alliance. If your school doesn't have one, investigate out the homosexual center or PFLAG and they'll be capable to get you some info to aid you thru this coming out system. . Please don't come out to pals unless your persons recognize. You on no account know how they are going to react and it might no longer be cozy dwelling at dwelling if they've a bad reaction. Go call the homosexual core for assistance.

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    8 years ago

    He's probably just finally discovering that it's very possible for him to be gay or bi most likely from the sound of it. It sounds like e may like you too. But you honestly have nothing to be worried about if u don't like him just let him know by ignoring him and not looking at him..but answering your question..it sounds like your friend is bi..nothing wrong with that though if ur accepting..hope I helped (:

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  • 8 years ago

    Make your life easier- ask him. You won't have to stress. Don't attack him with the question. Just say, "Hey, man, I have a serious question. Are you gay?" Simple as that.

  • 8 years ago

    just freaking kiss him next time you two are all alone ..

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