Why is television so terrible these days?

I remember a time when television was thought provoking, made sense, and had real plot and depth. These days I see shows like The Big Bang Theory that, for lack of a better word, is insulting. It, like many shows (i.e. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, any "reality" show, any singing or dancing show, 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, How I met your mother), are about as low brow as you can get. There is no humor except for sex puns or outlandish stereotypes. There is no humor that makes the viewer think. CSI, NCIS, Law and Order are about the only shows left that offer intelligence. Even the History channel has dropped almost all of it's shows in favor of so called "reality shows" that don't offer anything but pseudo-drama. I even believe that all reality shows are scripted anyway. The only one I can't say is scripted is Deadliest Catch. You can't script a 40ft wave.

Still, it seems that more and more television is being lowered to an almost kindergarten level. My brother watches X-Factor and other such shows and I don't get the appeal of them. People making fools of themselves is entertainment? Survivor is nothing more than people performing idiotic challenges. Where's the REAL survival in the show?

Is it just me or are there others out there that think the same?

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    Television is not terrible. Sure it's dilluted by endless reality crap and crummy comedies, but there have been endless brilliant shows over the past few years;

    Doctor Who


    Being Human



    In The Flesh



    Black Mirror

    10 O'Clock Live


    Red Dwarf

    Way To Go

    The Inbetweeners



    Four Rooms


    An Idiot Abroad

    Have I Got News For You

    Fresh Meat

    Mrs Browns Boys

    Not Going Out

    The Thick Of It

    Peep Show

    That Mitchell and Webb Look



    Parks and Recreation


    Game of Thrones

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand


    Modern Family

    Broadwalk Empire


    Falling Skies


    The Walking Dead

    And countless others.

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