What countries are still ruled by a king and queen?

I know something about this like england, but if someone could tell me, how much countries does the same kingdom govern like england, also has australia and those. (the thing is that i only know england)

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  • Clive
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    7 years ago

    jawad has shown you a list and that looks complete, but bear in mind that in most of those the king or queen doesn't actually rule. They reign. They are just a figurehead head of state and the real government is elected. This is called constitutional monarchy.

    Take the United Kingdom, which includes England. The Queen has ceremonial duties such as the annual State Opening of Parliament (the only time she ever wears a crown!) but even then the government writes her speech. Her real purpose is to be non-political, and someone the country can all support whatever you think about the government. It's hard to explain why that's a useful thing if you haven't grown up with the idea but to most British people it feels very meaningful. The Netherlands even has a national holiday every year called Queen's Day to celebrate this (I suppose it will be King's Day from now on, now that they have a King!)

  • 4 years ago

    Europe: uk, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark Norway, Spain Sweden, Liechtenstein (Prince) Luxembourg (Grand Dutchy) Andorra Prince (Monaco Prince) Asia: Bahrain Bhutan (Brunei Sultan) Cambodia Japan Jordan (Emperor) Jordan Kuwait Malaysia Qatar Saudi Arabia Thailand United Arab Emirates Africa: Lesotho Morocco Swaziland Oceanian : tonga

  • 7 years ago

    The Netherlands

  • owain
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    7 years ago

    Although England has a Queen it is not ruled by her and many other countries that have a King or Queen are not ruled by them.

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  • 7 years ago

    Countries with monarchies:

    Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah bin Abdul'aziz)

    Andorra (Co-Princes François Hollande and Joan Enric Vives Sicília)

    Vatican City (Pope Francis)

    Qatar (Emir Hamad bin Khalifa)

    United Arab Emirates (Federation of seven emirates, each of them being separate monarchies)

    Kuwait (Emir Sabah al-Ahmad)

    Japan (Emperor Akihito)

    Malaysia (King Abdul Halim)

    Jordan (King Abdullah II)

    Belgium (King Albert II)

    Thailand (King Bhumibol Abdulyadej)

    Sweden (King Carl XVI Gustaf)

    Antigua and Barbuda (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Australia (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Bahamas (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Barbados (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Belize (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Canada (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Grenada (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Jamaica (Queen Elizabeth II)

    New Zealand (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Papua New Guinea (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Saint Kitts and Nevis (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Saint Lucia (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Solomon Islands (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Tuvalu (Queen Elizabeth II)

    United Kingdom (Queen Elizabeth II)

    Bahrain (King Hamad ibn Isa)

    Norway (King Harald V)

    Brunei (Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah)

    Bhutan (King Jimge Khesar Namgyel)

    Spain (King Juan Carlos I)

    Lesotho (King Letsie III)

    Denmark (Queen Margrethe II)

    Morocco (King Mohammed VI)

    Swaziland (King Mswati III)

    Cambodia (King Norodom Sihamoni)

    Oman (Sultan Qaboos bin Said)

    Tonga (King Tupou VI)

    Netherlands (King Willem-Alexander)

    Luxembourg (Grand Duke Henri)

    Monaco (Prince Albert II)

    Liechtenstein (Prince Hans-Adam II)

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